Family Worship Night


Share (cup hands around mouth)

Jesus (both hands point up)  

The focus of this family time is to use five easy steps to teach our children to “Dive In” to the life of Peter and learn what it means to follow Jesus!

Learn the NEED TO KNOW together and say it throughout the week to help your family remember and apply what they have learned.


 “Come and follow me, Jesus said. 

I will send you out to fish for people.”

Mark 1:17

  • Practice the memory verse together as a family


Intentionally pick a place and time to gather your family together and use this activity to begin Family Worship Night. 

Have each family member think of a sea creature and act it out for the rest of the family to guess! 

SAY: That was so fun! One of the most fun things we can do is share Jesus with others who may not know Him. Jesus loves everyone so much, and it’s fun to get to tell others about His love for them! If you can share Jesus, let me hear you say this after me: 

Share (cup hands around mouth)

Jesus (both hands point up)    




  • Sing and have fun while worshiping then pray. Take a moment here to thank God for your family and your time together!! 





Use these questions and points to have a conversation with your children about the Bible story.

  • In today’s Bible story, what did Peter share with the people? (They can follow Jesus, to turn away from their sins and be baptized, Jesus can forgive their sins) 
  • Who is one person you want to share Jesus with? 
  • Can we share Jesus by inviting people to church? (Yes) 
  • Should we share Jesus with one person or everyone? (Everyone) 


Allow each family member to use coloring utensils to create their own church invitation. 

After everyone has finished coloring and decorating their invitation.

If you feel comfortable adding your family’s contact information, this could be a great way to start a conversation with a neighbor that could lead to a lasting relationship! 

Deliver the invitations to those you want to share Jesus with! 

SAY: Jesus loves us, and He loves the people who live around us. We can share Jesus’ love with the people who live near us by inviting them to church with us! Say this after me one more time: 

Share (cup hands around mouth)

Jesus (both hands point up)

Practice saying the verse together a few times, having your child repeat each line with the motions. See if your child can tell you the verse without any help, and give them a treat for working hard to memorize it! 

“‘Come and follow me,’ (motion hands toward self)

Jesus said. (Both hands point up) 

‘I will send you out (walk in place) 

to fish for people.’” (pat heart) 

Mark 1:17 (make book with hands)

STEP 5. Pray!

  • Jesus, You are awesome, and we want everyone to know it! Help us to share You with everyone we meet! Amen!