Connect Group Guide

1 Peter 2

Summary: Peter is writing this letter to Christians scattered all throughout Asia Minor (Turkey) who are currently facing persecution because of their faith. His purpose is to encourage believers to endure trials & suffering by relying on God’s promises. 

Major Points: 

  1. (V. 1-3) - Peter makes clear that if we have truly been saved, then spiritual growth should characterize our lives. In V. 1-2 Peter explains we should put away the immature things and “grow up”. He also teaches us that the only way we can grow up spiritually is by the Word of God. Like infants long for milk, so we should long for transformation through God’s Word. V. 3 says that if we have been saved then spiritual growth should be present.

  2. (V. 4-12) - These verses are a blueprint for God’s Church. Jesus, who is the only way to the Father, was chosen to be the cornerstone of the Church, then we, as “living stones”, build off of Him to create this “spiritual house” or temple. Peter wants us to understand that through Jesus, the Church was chosen for one mission: To proclaim the goodness of God to the world through word and deed. 

  3. (V. 13-25) - Submitting to those who don’t show respect in return is a difficult concept. However, Peter teaches us that when we respect & submit to our leadership in difficult times we not only bring honor to God, but also reflect him to the rest of the world. Jesus was the ultimate example set for us. He is the standard we should strive to achieve in our obedience. 

 Question Bank: 

  1. How has your week been spiritually?
  2. What has God been teaching you?
  3. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?
  4. (V. 1-3) - What is “the pure spiritual milk” Peter is referring to? How does it help us grow up into salvation?
  5. (V. 4-8) - What exactly was Jesus chosen by God to do? How does it relate to us?
  6. (V. 4-8) - Peter says we are each living stones used for building God’s Church, how does that change your view on the Church?
  7. (V. 5) - What type of spiritual sacrifice is acceptable to God through Jesus? (Romans 12:1)
  8. (V. 6-8) - Is Jesus your cornerstone or stumbling stone? Is he precious to you, or does he always seem in the way of what you truly want?
  9. (V. 8) - In what way has God’s word kept you from stumbling in your walk?
  10. (V. 9) - How does Peter describe believers, and what is our mission?
  11.  (V. 10-12) - How do our actions around other people bring Glory to God?
  12.  (V. 13-20) - According to Peter, how should we respond to the current situation in America? (Riots, Social Injustice, public officials, etc.)
  13. (V. 13-20) - How can we be a light to non-believers by submitting even when it’s difficult?
  14. (V. 21) - Should Christians expect suffering and persecution in this life?