What is a Connector?

Connectors are the people who volunteer and serve at Connection. They are the ones you see waving in the parking lot, greeting you at the door, sharing Jesus with kids and students and in so many other areas striving to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why should I be a Connector?

The local church is the hope of the world. Why? Because Jesus uses the local church to bless the communities they’re a part of. It’s because of this that we believe serving in the local church is one of the ways we live out our relationship with Christ. It’s also a great way to hang out and connect with this community. View all the areas to serve below and sign up for the one best suited for you!

Where can I serve?
  • Connection StudentsConnection Students is our middle and high school ministry. We generally refer to Wednesday nights as "The Best Night of the Week" around here because anytime you can get together with a group of friends who’ve become like family, learn how to be more like Jesus, and have fun doing it is...The Best Night of the Week!

  • Guest ServicesA warm smile, a firm handshake, these are the experiences that make a church a home. When you're serving in Guest Services, you set the tone of a person’s visit by creating a welcoming environment. It’s also a great opportunity to make a ton of new friends that you’ll soon call family!

  • Konnection KidsIf you love kids, this is the ministry for you! Our children’s team has the opportunity to share God’s love in a direct and tangible way every week. You have the option of working with many different age ranges. There's no experience necessary, just a willingness to serve.

  • Prayer Team - As a member of this team, you will be in direct contact with people of our church who are hurting, broken, and questioning the things of God. You will get to pray with people over a range of situations that may include accepting Jesus’ invitation for salvation for the first time, getting baptized, dealing with substance abuse, etc.Our hope is that as you pray for people and engage them in conversations, you reflect the heart of Jesus and help lead them to their Next Step.

  • Worship/Production - Whether you are a musician or gifted in other areas, we have something for you! When you serve in our Worship and Production area you are responsible for helping to create environments where people can best be able to connect to a growing relationship with Jesus!

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