Connect Group Guide

1 Peter 3

Summary: Peter is writing this letter to Christians scattered all throughout Asia Minor (Turkey) who are currently facing persecution because of their faith. His purpose is to encourage believers to endure trials & suffering by relying on God’s promises.

Major Points: 

  1. (V. 1-7) - Peter lays the groundwork here for the relationship between a husband and wife. The women are to submit themselves to the husbands leadership, and to carry themselves with respectful and pure conduct with a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious to God. Men were called to lead their homes, while also loving and respecting their wives as equal partners in the eyes of God. It’s important to understand the context in which this was written, the whole idea is that it was counter culture to the people of this time and caused Christ followers to stand out.

  2. (V. 8-20) - Again, Peter reminds us to endure persecution for the sake of God's Glory. He reminds us of the call to repay evil with good. When we suffer for righteous reasons, we have nothing to fear. If we keep our eyes on the hope in Jesus, no trial or persecution can strip you of the joy we receive in his future promise. We are reminded that Christ is the ultimate example, so when we find it hard to forgive for persecution, remember that Christ gave his life for those who persecuted him.

  3. (V. 20-22) - Peter reminds us that baptism is an outward expression of our faith in Jesus. It doesn’t physically save us, but is a reminder, that like the water covers us, we are covered with Christ and share union with him. This is all to point to the fact that only through him do we have the power to live in a way 1 Peter calls us to. 

 Question Bank: 

  1. How has your week been spiritually?
  2. What has God been teaching you?
  3. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?
  4. For Women: How could submitting to your husband represent Jesus to him?

  5. For Women: In what way have you shown submission to his leadership this week?

  6. For Women: Is your focus on outward beauty or inward?

  7. For Men: Do you view your wife as an equal partner or more like an employee?

  8. For Men: When is the last time you tried to lead your wife in the word?

  9. For Men: Do you think your leadership will affect your wife’s relationship w/ Jesus?

  10. (V. 8-20) - Will we be free from harm if we do good things?

  11. (V. 8-20) - How are we blessed while going through suffering? (Read Matthew 5:10-12)

  12. (V. 15) - Are you prepared to explain where your hope is if someone asks?/ Would your life tell the same story as your words?

  13. (V. 18-22) - Why does Peter point us back to Jesus and the cross?/ How does that relate to us enduring trials and suffering?