Connect Group Guide

1 Peter 5

Summary: Peter is writing this letter to Christians scattered all throughout Asia Minor (Turkey) who are currently facing persecution because of their faith. His purpose is to encourage believers to endure trials & suffering by relying on God’s promises. 

Major Points: 

  1. (V. 1-5) At the end of ch. 4, Peter urges Christians to entrust their souls to God. In light of that, he now challenges church leaders to shepherd people well and in the same way Christ did. Peter knew that in order for Christians to fully commit themselves to Christ, we need sound leadership. This is a call not just to church staff, but to ALL leaders in the church. Each of us is leading someone, the question Peter brings to light here is what way are we leading them. 

  2. (V. 6-11) Humility is foundational for the Christian life. Peter reminds us that we have to humble ourselves before God in order to rise above the things of this world. Before you can entrust God with all of your battles, you have to be humble enough to admit you can’t handle it alone. Peter uses humility before God as a means to battle your adversary: Satan. Our battles are not with people or institutions, but with the dark spiritual forces behind those things. We are also reminded that we are not alone. Community is a resource that helps us battle satan also. In God’s grace, he provided us with fellow believers to walk alongside in times of suffering or persecution.  As Peter closes out, we are reminded once again to keep our eyes on the future return of Christ to give us hope in all of our trials. 

 Question Bank: 

  1. How has your week been spiritually? 

  2. What is God teaching you?

  3. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?

  4. (V. 1-5) Who has God given you leadership with? What way are you leading them?

  5. (V. 1-5) How have you attempted to grow into leadership for God’s kingdom?

  6. (V. 1-5) Does submission to leadership come easy for you? If not, why?

  7. (V. 1-5) Why is submitting to leadership important in the Christian faith?

  8. (V. 6-11) What does it mean to “humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God”?

  9. (V. 6-11) Can you think of a specific time you have shown humility in your life?

  10. (V. 6-11) Can we fully submit to Christ if we don’t practice humility in our life?

  11. (V. 6-11) If we don’t hand our anxieties over to God, what does that say about our trust & faith in him?

  12. (V. 6-11) Why is it important to take satan seriously?

  13. (V. 6-11) What are some ways satan is attacking you? How have you battled that?

  14. (V. 6-11) How has community changed your battle with satan and sin?