Connect Group Guide

1 Thessalonians 2

Summary: Paul spent three weeks in Thessalonica preaching the Gospel. In that three weeks people came to faith in Christ and the Church was established. However, the Gospel was making such an impact it upset many of the unbelievers and they began to persecute the Church. Paul and his team were chased out of town. Four months after leaving he sent Timothy & Silas back to check on the Church. They reported back to Paul that even in persecution the Church was thriving and their faith was known all over the region

so Paul wrote back to encourage and answer questions that had been raised there. 

Major Points:

  1. (V. 1-6) The motive for a Christian to do anything in this life is simple: to please God. As you see in this part of the chapter Paul never wanted the approval of man in any way. He didn’t speak and act in a way that earned him any kind of favor with people, instead the only motive Paul ever had was making God’s name known.

  2. (V. 7-8) Paul and his team made it a point to have caring & intimate relationships with others. When we begin to build relationships for the Gospel there is a level of intimacy and care that isn’t seen in most relationships. Caring for others in a Christlike way is just another way we exemplify the love of Christ.

  3. (V. 9-10) As Christians we should all live transparent lifestyles. Life is to be shared, especially as a christian. If we are truly walking with Christ then our lives will reflect it, and bringing people into that life gives them an opportunity to see the work God is doing in your life. It also builds intimacy in relationships with others which will bring influence when speaking into other people's lives. 

  4. (V. 11-12) We were called to make disciples, that simple. Paul and his team used their lives to push and encourage others into a walk with Christ. Just as a parent raises and trains their child, christians should do life with other believers in the interest of raising up believers to become mature in the word and then do the same for others. This only happens if you are walking with Christ yourself.


    Question Bank: 

    1. How has your week been spiritually? / What is God teaching you?

    2. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?

    3. (V. 1-6) How would your life change if your motivation for everything was to please God? (For example your marriage, work, your job, group, church)

    4. (V. 1-6) What are some other motives that get in the way of this?

    5. (V. 7-8) Do you prioritize your church family, or is it still an event to attend?

    6. (V. 7-8) How would you define an intimate relationship?    

    7. (V. 9-10) Is your relationship with God and others characterized by authenticity?

    8. (V. 9-10)  If people started to “do as you do” in your private life, what would happen? 

    9. (V. 11-12) Can you name someone you are actively discipling?