Connect Group Guide

1 Timothy 1


Summary: Paul previously left Timothy in Ephesus to confront false teachers inside the church there. He is now sending further instruction for Timothy concerning the result of the false teaching (division and controversy in the church). Paul’s overall theme of this book is that the Gospel leads to practical and visible life change when taught correctly. Paul knows that when the Church is healthy and the true Gospel is being preached genuine life change will be the result. 


Major Points:

  1. (V. 1-11) Paul dives straight in and tells Timothy he must confront the false teachers of the church. His concern wasn’t so much on who was doing the false teaching as it was the effect. The effect of the false teaching was division and controversy, but Paul says the aim of our charge is love, meaning that when the true Gospel is presented it doesn’t result in division but results in true life change rooted in love and Godliness. For example, the law was being taught and it was viewed as a negative thing. Paul reminds them that when you understand the law it is a gift from God. The false teachers were using the law to condemn, but God gave us the law so we would become aware of our sinfulness and realize our need for a savior. Everything is about the direct contrast of false teaching and true Gospel preaching. 
  2. (V. 12-20) Paul reminds them that the Gospel of Jesus is what saves, not the law. Paul then shows us the effect the true Gospel has on even the worst of sinners using his own life. He talks about how awful he was, then shows us that God shows mercy through Jesus for the purpose of changing our lives so others can see God’s Glory on display. 


 Question Bank:

  1. How has your week been spiritually? 
  2. What is God teaching you?
  3. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?
  4. (V. 1-11) What are some of the effects of the false teaching here?
  5. (V. 1-11) How does that compare to the effects of Gospel centered teaching?
  6. (V. 1-11) What does it mean to be a teacher of the law?
  7. (V. 1-11) What does the law mean for us today?
  8. (V. 1-11) How can the law encourage your faith this week?
  9. (V. 12-20) Why does Paul point out how bad of a person he was?
  10. (V. 12-20) What did your life look like when Jesus saved you?
  11. (V. 12-20) How has the Gospel changed your life since that moment?
  12. (V. 12-20) What would a coworker/friend say about the effect of the Gospel in your life?