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                                                  Be The Church week 10

                                                      1 Corinthians 7:17-40

Theme: When we look into the church of Corinth we see a lot of things we can learn from! They were a messy church, but they were a church alive! As we dive into this book we can learn a lot, whether it be from their spiritual failures or whether it be from their spiritual success. The one thing we learn is that God has called the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus! And it's when the church comes together in unity and lives on mission together that God moves in the most powerful of ways! Let’s be the church!

Major Points:

Being faithful where you are!

In vs 17-40, Paul challenges us to live out our identity in Christ as we are where we are and to give Christ our undivided devotion! The Christian life is a devoted life!

1. Keeping God’s Commands vs 19

When it comes to being faithful where you are, it’s not about outward status but it’s more about an inward love for God that gives birth to obedience in your life! Jesus’ says the law of the prophets can rest on Loving God and Loving your neighbor.

John 14:15 if you love me, keep my commands.

Matthew 22:36-40 Love God and Love your neighbor

Matthew 28:18-20 Go Make Disciples

Love God, Love others, Make disciples!

Paul isn’t so much worried about your relationship status. It doesn’t matter if you're married or if you're single. It doesn’t matter if you're rich or poor. It doesn’t matter if you are in full-time ministry or if your not. What matters is are you being faithful where you are as you are? If you're not faithful in the small things you will never be faithful in the big things. Stop worrying about outward status and circumstances and start being faithful as you are where you are.

Answer these three Questions

Q1… Is Jesus and His commands the priority in my life?

Q2… Right now, what is keeping you from walking in obedience to God?

Q3… If you were Satan, how would you attack you?

2.. Living in Light of Eternity  vs 29-31

YOLO  (you only live once) = The greatest misconception of our generation!

We live in a world that Lives under the banner of You Only Live Once so Live in such a way as if this is the end! Get as much money as you can now. Have as much fun as you can now. Get married if you want, get divorced if you want, stay single if you want, do what you want how you want when you want because this is all there is. Set your roots deep in this world and climb the ladder of earthly success! Do marriage the world's way. Do singleness the world's way. Paul says the opposite! Paul says this world is passing away! Be in the world but don’t be of the world because our citizenship is in heaven!

Time is Short and this world is passing away

If time in this world is short then how we use our time right now is very important!

We should live with urgency and intentionality! If time is short then we shouldn’t waste time on earthly pursuits that have no eternal value whatsoever. Paul wants us to ask the question how do I live today in such a way that it’s going to have an eternal impact. Paul doesn’t want us to put hope in earthly comfort or circumstances when this world as we know it is passing away.


When it comes to living in light of eternity ask these three questions.

Q1… What truly matters when we get to eternity?

Q2… What does my life look like when I am focussed on eternity?

Q3… How are you stewarding your time, your talents, and your treasure here on earth?

Be Honest. If you evaluate your time here on earth, how much of it is being leveraged for eternity and how much of it is spent on building your own earthly kingdom?


3.. Undivided Devotion vs 32-35

The Christian life is a life of Undivided Devotion!
God doesn’t do one foot in and one foot out. The Gospel doesn’t produce decided followers of Jesus. When we look in the book of Acts chapter 2:41-43 we get a look at the first picture of the New Testament Church. One word that describes our brothers and sisters in this passage is devoted.

  • Devoted to God’s word
  • Devoted to fellowship
  • Devoted to the Gospel
  • Devoted to Prayer

No matter your situation or circumstances in the world, does the word devoted describe your walk with Jesus?

Are you Married? Undivided devotion!

Are you Single? Undivided devotion!

Are you Rich? Undivided devotion!

Are you Poor? Undivided devotion!

Are you Happy? Undivided devotion!

Are you Sad? Undivided devotion!

Jesus doesn’t just want to be a compartment in our life. Jesus wants to be what our life is all about! Not a hat we put on a few times a week, but what our whole week (and life) revolves around. If satan could do one thing he would distract you and divide your devotion to God.

When it comes to undivided devotion answer these Questions

Q1… What is it that is dividing your devotion to God right now?

Q2… Don’t consider yourself good soil. What are some practical ways that you may have one foot in and one foot out in your devotion to Christ?

Q3… Why does Christ deserve your undivided devotion?


Closing prayer. 

Pray that God would stir your heart to eternal living. Ask God to show you things in your life that are dividing your devotion to him. Ask God to help you live out your identity every day where you are as you are!