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                                  Be The Church week 12

                                  1 Corinthians Ch 11:1-15

Important Announcements!

CGL Christmas Party December 4th, 6:00 pm (more info coming soon)


Choose a couple of your favorite points and questions to discuss from the following. (Don’t use every question)

Major Points 

1.. The Truth about Lies Vs 3-4

The truth about Lies is that they often don’t come off as lies. Sometimes lies are laced with some truth! Sometimes lies play into your sinful flesh and look good or seem good or feel right. Just like the serpent was “cunning” to the point where he “deceived” Eve, he does the same to us today! We have a real sinful nature and a real enemy who plays off of that nature! It’s when we buy into that lie that we drift from our sincere and pure devotion to Christ! 


- If it’s true that we have a sinful nature and an enemy who plays into that nature, what does this teach us about the importance of God’s word in our life?

- If you were satan how would you tempt yourself? How would you play into your own sinful nature?

2.. A Servant’s Heart Vs 5-11

Paul teaches us what it looks like to be a servant in the kingdom! It's not about being great, it's about making Jesus’ name great! The fact is Paul may not have been a smooth talker, but God looks first and foremost on the heart! God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Here are a few truths we can take from this passage on being servants!

1.. We aren’t inferior to the world’s teaching/standards. (God uses ordinary people! Acts 4:13)

2.. We need to realize that our good intentions will not always be appreciated! (Pauls wasn’t) 

3.. We should Boast about Love & Humbleness to serve

4.. God cares about your Heart (Your Why behind what you do!)


- Have you ever had good intentions in something but they go unappreciated?

- Why is it important to remember the why behind the what when serving in the kingdom? Why do your motives matter?

- How does Paul's heart in his serving the church in this passage and Peter and John's heart in Acts 4:13 give you hope and encouragement personally? How does it challenge you?

3.. The Need for Armor Vs 12-15

We aren’t saved to do life in our own strength! God wants us to be dependent on him!

The difference between Paul and the false teachers was his Faithfulness to Christ, not his credentials!

They were trying to make their name great. Paul was trying to make Jesus’ name great! 

Understand that Satan is the master of disguise (Liar and Deceiver)

We are no match for satan on our own! He has been playing this game for years! He only has a couple of plays but he knows how to run them well!

Put on the full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20)

Fix your eyes on Christ and remember that you can't fight a spiritual battle with worldly weapons! We have everything we need to fight with in Christ! Fix your eye on Him and be dependent on Him to work in you and through you! We can only fight lies with truth and truth has a name His name is Jesus! 


Why is it so important that you look to faithfulness to christ as the standard in being used by Him (following and serving him) and not your own credentials?

- How has satan been a master in disguise in the church today? How has he deceived churches in our day and culture? 

- Why is it a necessity to put on the full armor of God as a Christian and what does that even look like?