Connect Group Guide

                           Be The Church Week 14

                                  2 Corinthians Ch 12



Important Announcements!

December 18th HBD Jesus Pajama Party for Konnection Kids Sunday morning. 

December 18th at 6:00pm Family Christmas Movie Night! (Charlie Brown Christmas Party)

December 24th Christmas Eve service at 5:00pm

January 1s t-  1 service at 11:00  

Choose a couple of your favorite points and questions to discuss from the following. (Don’t use every question)

Major Points 

Chapter 12 is the Climax of the book of 2 Corinthians! Paul has been building up to this point. There are two things that shine forth from Paul's letter in Chapter 12 that we can really learn from.  

1.. Paul's Understanding of weakness! Vs 1-10

Paul says that he could boast about many things! Even about experiencing heavenly things that no one could ever dream or imagine. But instead of boasting about accolades and awesome spiritual experiences he would rather boast about his weakness because that’s where he found the Grace of God the most! In his weakness, God drives Paul to the end of himself and he experiences God’s power in him the most!  

Remember this truth! 

Sometimes It is in our pain and suffering that the grace of God is most present in our lives! 


- How is it that God reveals His power through our weaknesses?  

- How has God’s Grace been sufficient for you during times of weakness or pain and suffering?

2.. Paul's Love and Concern for the Corinthians Vs 11-21

This passage shows us Paul's Fatherly heart for the corinthians! Vs 14

Paul didn’t want to be a burden to them but he wanted to be with them and bless them! He wanted what was best for them in the long run! This book shows us that Paul's relationship with them was complicated sometimes! Truthfully they were complicated people. But this didn’t stop Paul from loving them unconditionally and steering them in the right direction! 


- What does this passage show you about Paul's Love for the Corinthians and how does that parallel God’s heart for us?

- How does Paul's Love for the Corinthians challenge your love for others around you?

- Why can't we truly love people and not care about their sin and their spiritual walk with Christ?