Connect Group Guide

Be The Church week 7

  1 Corinthians 5

Theme: When we look into the church of Corinth we see a lot of things we can learn from! They were a messy church, but they were a church alive! As we dive into this book we can learn a lot, whether it be from their spiritual failures or whether it be from their spiritual success. The one thing we learn is that God has called the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus! And it's when the church comes together in unity and lives on mission together that God moves in the most powerful of ways! Let’s be the church!

Major Points:

1.. A Bad Report  vs 1-5


Sexual immorality (vs 1)

This is something that has always been around (sexual sin) and it is still rampant in many churches today! As Christians, it shouldn’t be!


Un-repentant Hearts (vs 2 )

We might fall in sin but we should never walk in it!

Sin should break our hearts and lead us to repentance!

No Accountability (vs 2-5)

Christians need accountability for their sin, not approval!

We need people who love our souls more than our opinion in our circle!

In verses, 3-5 Pauls shows us that you can’t love someone’s soul and tolerate sin! You have to approach it.

2..The Danger of tolerating sin vs 6-8


It Spreads!

When mold on one slice of bread is connected to another slice it won’t take long before it spreads throughout the whole loaf!


In the same way, what you tolerate with one person will spread to another!

If you tolerate sin with one person you will start to tolerate it with another until sin spreads throughout the whole church. Sin isn’t to flirt with it is to be dealt with! One theologian says it like this!


“Be killing sin or sin will be killing you” John Owen


It Stains!

The church is supposed to be the body of Christ! Jesus unites himself so close to His church he calls us His body! To sin with our bodies is to drag his name into sin! (He is sinless… but we represent His name) 


When the church looks no different than the world, it has nothing to offer it!

Christ didn’t die to free us to sin, He died to free us from it!


It Stunts!

Nothing stunts someone's spiritual growth like sin in their life.

Loving someone is not tolerating their sin, loving someone is helping them out of the sin that will kill them! The same sin that Christ was killed for! 

(By the Father's will. No-one took his life He laid down His life.)

3.. Judging believers vs judging unbelievers vs 9-12


Only God can judge me? Yeah… Kinda, not exactly!


1.. He is going to Judge you!


2.. Christians are called to Judge one another out of love!


Judging Believers

We are called to judge one another in the sense of holding one another accountable for our sin out of love for one another! 


We are to confess our sins!

We are to go after a brother or sister living in sin!

We are to Lovingly approach brothers and sisters who are living in sin!


Judging Unbelievers

We can't judge people who don’t have the Holy Spirit in them.

They will be judged by God! We aren't to judge them we are to witness to them!

We are to live a Holy life in front of them! We are to love them! We are to evangelize and lead them to Christ! 



Application Questions


Why does Paul address sin in the church?


How does he address sin in the church?


What's the result of a church that reflects the holiness of God?


Why is addressing sin in someone's life the most loving thing you can do?


What is some sin that needs to be addressed in your life?



Closing Prayer 

Pray for God to reveal sin in your life to you! Pray that our church would be a church that reflects the heart of Christ to the world around us. Pray for anyone in your group who is struggling with sin.