Connect Group Guide

                                                        Be The Church week 8

                                                      1 Corinthians 6:1-20

Theme: When we look into the church of Corinth we see a lot of things we can learn from! They were a messy church, but they were a church alive! As we dive into this book we can learn a lot, whether it be from their spiritual failures or whether it be from their spiritual success. The one thing we learn is that God has called the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus! And it's when the church comes together in unity and lives on mission together that God moves in the most powerful of ways! Let’s be the church!

Major Points:

1.. The Gospel changes everything  vs 11, 19-20


A.. The Gospel changes our identity (vs 9-11)

You were washed clean in Christ! (Forgiven, cleansed of guilt by the blood of Jesus)

You were sanctified in Christ! (Set apart for God)

You were justified in Christ! (Just as if you never sinned)


B.. The Gospel changes our purpose (vs 19-20 )

We are God's temple! ( God lives inside of us)

Our purpose has changed! (We don’t live for ourselves anymore)

C. New identity + New Purpose = New way of Life

This is Paul's point in this chapter! He wants everything the Corinthians say and do to reflect Jesus to those outside the church.


Why is knowing your identity in Christ important for knowing how to live every day?

What does this passage teach us about our ultimate purpose as a Christ-follower?

2..Disputes in the Church vs 1-11

Two believers in the church are fighting and have filed a lawsuit in secular court.

Paul addresses them both and says if there is a conflict between two believers in the church we should see to resolve the issue internally! Paul isn’t against the public court system but he is against two believers tarnishing the name of Jesus because they cant resolve their issues! Christians should handle disputes inside the church differently than the world handles them! Outside the church!


A.. Disputes in the World

The world is not worried about reflecting Jesus in how they handle conflict.

The world’s mindset is vengeance is mine! Do whatever it takes for them to get what they deserve.

Make them pay!

Destroy their reputation for what they’ve done to me.


B.. Disputes in the Kingdom

Handling conflicts in the Kingdom is done in view of the gospel.

Humility - People are sinful and so am I.

Grace - God is gracious. He extended grace to me when I didn’t deserve it.

Reconciliation - Glorifying God is the end goal.

(Read Matt 7:12 and Matt 5:38-48 for further study)

C.. How are you handling conflict and dispute in your life?

You will have conflicts! They are inevitable.

You will have them in the world.

You will have them in the church.

You will have them in your family.

You will have them in your marriage.

You will have them at your Job.

As a Christian, how you handle conflicts and disputes reveals a lot about you.

Are you handling them in a way that reflects Jesus or are you handling them in a way that reflects the world?


Why is it important the way we handle conflicts in the church?

What are some conflicts you are going through right now in your life? Based on this passage how would Christ want you to handle them?

What's the natural (fleshly) response when you’ve been done wrong? How does the gospel counteract that?

3.. Sex in the Church vs 12-20


A.. Sex in the world

Paul shows us how the corinthians were thinking about sex. To them sex was just like a physical appetite like eating. You get hungry you eat. You have a sexual urge then you have sex with a prostitute. Casual sex to them was no big deal at all. It was just a casual practice between two people. No strings attached. What I do with my body is my business and it doesn't matter.

Does this sound familiar? Our world today has the same mindset toward sex.

Just turn on the tv!

Just go to the gym!

Just listen to music!

Just read a book!

Pornography use has been normalized! 

Sex outside of marriage is rampant!

Paul says that God has a different view of sex! It is more than just a physical appetite.

B.. Sex in the Kingdom

Sex is spiritual! It is designed by God as a gift to be practiced inside the covenant of marriage. It is created by God with the purpose of procreation and intimacy between a husband and wife.

Paul says to have sex with someone is to unite yourself with them.

Sex is like a fire! When placed in the right place at the right time it is good. When placed in the wrong place at the wrong time it is devastating!

Sex is meant to be a way to say to another person that I belong completely and exclusively to you until death do us part.     (Covenant Love like God)

Tim Keller - “The biblical view of sex is unique. It rejects the view, held by some conservative cultures, that sex is dirty or bad. Instead, the Bible views sex so highly that it cannot be shared casually with anyone. Sex is meant to bind two people together. It renews the covenant that they have made with one another. When this is the case, Keller says sex inside the marriage covenant is like the Lord’s supper. I know that sounds a little weird but What is the lord supper? It’s not about becoming saved. It’s a way of renewing your salvation. It’s sort of getting saved again. You’re receiving the blood of Jesus in a sense. It’s renewing the salvation covenant. Sex in the same way is giving yourself to one person over and over again. Essentially renewing the covenant of marriage.”

C.. Sex in your life

Do you see sex as a gift from God to be practiced inside the covenant of marriage?

 Listen to Paul’s warning in v18-20

18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the

body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. 19 Do you not know

that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have

received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore

honor God with your bodies.

Paul says Flee from sexual sin, don’t flirt with it!

 Don’t see how close you can get to it without crossing the line, flee from it as far as you can!



Everyone:  Are you flirting with sexual sin or are you actively fleeing from it?

Married couples: Are you and your spouse enjoying God's good gift of sex in your marriage?

Parents: Are you shaping your kid's view of sex with God’s word? Or are you allowing the world to shape their view instead?


Closing Prayer 

Pray for God to help us be a church that reflects Christ to the world around us in how we treat one another and how we live our lives every day! That we would be a picture of Christ from the bedroom to the work office, where we live where we work and where we play!