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                                                       Be The Church week 9

                                                          1 Corinthians 7:1-20

Theme: When we look into the church of Corinth we see a lot of things we can learn from! They were a messy church, but they were a church alive! As we dive into this book we can learn a lot, whether it be from their spiritual failures or whether it be from their spiritual success. The one thing we learn is that God has called the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus! And it's when the church comes together in unity and lives on mission together that God moves in the most powerful of ways! Let’s be the church!

Major Points:

In vs 1-20 Paul gives us some great advice to all Christians pertaining to marriage! 

1. Christians married to Christians vs 1-11

As Christians, our marriages should look different than any other marriages in the world! God is the one who created marriage and to know him is to live by his design! Here are a few things to note!


In Your marriage, Sex is important

It helps your spouse fight sexual sin and temptation.

It is an indicator of the health of your marriage.

It is a tool to serve your spouse. (it's not about you) (it's not a weapon to fight with but a tool to serve with.)

Talk to your spouse about your needs and help one another stay pure.


Your relationship with God is most important vs 5

Why sex may be important Paul shows us that there is something more important and that is your relationship with God! Why prayer might be a sign of health in your marriage, Prayer is a sign of health in your relationship with God.

The Foundation of a healthy marriage is a healthy relationship with God.


Take Divorce off the table vs 10-11

if you're in an abusive relationship, seek help!

If you've been through a divorce already, seek grace! (there is grace to be found)

If you're married and you're a Christian, seek restoration! (restoration in your marriage)

Find some Christian counsel and fight for your marriage! It is worth it!

no one marries the right person. Sin lives in everyone.



2.. Christians married to unbelievers vs 12-17

More common than not, people get married before they get saved! They marry one another and then one spouse gets saved while the other one is still dead in their sin. This can be a battle but it is a battle worth fighting! Paul gives us some good advice if this is us!


Rest in Christ

Being in your situation can be tough. Rest in Christ and get your strength from him.


Be a tool of Grace

You are God's tool of grace. God can use you to do a great work in your family!

You are the closest thing to Christ that they see.


Trust God to Work!

At the end of the day, it is God who has to work in the heart of your spouse.

Your responsibility isn't to save your wife or husband. Your responsibility is to pray for them and serve them and love them. Your responsibility is to be Christ to them and through that trust God to do a Gospel work in their life.



3.. Unmarried Christians vs  8, 17-19

Being married is a type of glory but it's not the highest glory. Sometimes being single is hard. Watching all your friends get married and start families why you remain single. In Christian circles being married and having a family can seem like it's the thing, you're supposed to do. Paul says the opposite. Paul says some (especially those with sexual desires) are called to be married, and others are called to be single. Both are a gift. The most important thing isn't if you're married or not, the most important thing is that Christ is who you're married to first! Christ and his mission should be first in your life! Here are a few things to take note of.

Singleness is a gift

Biblical Christianity holds a high view of marriage and singleness. Everyone is not called to be married. The two biggest heroes in the bible (Jesus, Paul) were both single! Marriage doesn't bring satisfaction, a relationship with God does. When you're single you have more time to focus on God than you do when you're married.

Date to marry

If marriage is important to God, and if it is a lifelong covenant, you shouldn't just date anyone.

You shouldn't go into marriage as a believer marrying a nonbeliever.

It doesn't matter as much if they confess to being a Christian, what matters is the fruit you see in their life. Do you see fruit in their life that reveals that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of them?


Wait until your married

Sex is nothing to play around with!

Sex is like a fire! When you use fire at the right place at the right time it is good!

But when you use fire at the wrong place and the wrong time, it can be devastating.

The question shouldn't be, how far can we go without crossing the line. 

The Question you should be asking is how can we honor God with our life?


Question Bank:

How does sex being a tool to serve with and not a weapon to fight with change everything?

What does the health of your relationship with God reveal about the health of your marriage?

Have you taken divorce off the table in your marriage?

If you're a Christian married to an unbeliever, what are some ways you can be a tool of Grace? Have you ever been in this situation personally? How have you seen God work? What advice would you give to someone going through this themselves? What advice would you give single people?

Why does whom you date matter? Do You see a true love for Jesus in the person you are currently dating? Do you trust your judgment (and desire) more than you trust God's?


Closing Prayer 

Pray for your marriages!

Pray for your future marriages!

pray that we would be obedient to God's design for sex and marriage