Connect Group Guide

Luke 2

Summary: The birth of Christ is a well-known event in the world, even by non-religious people. Many people celebrate this event every year with gifts and practices throughout December. It would seem as though we’ve forgotten the significance of His birth. This is something to celebrate each and every day of our lives!

Major Points:

  1. (God's message) 

One of the most amazing things about Christmas is the fact that a holy God would come down and dwell with us (Immanuel). This was a long awaited event for the people of the old testament. Everything that had been promised in scripture was being fulfilled when Mary gave birth. The people of God now have complete access through Christ himself. With this access coming through the birth of Christ, we now have a great joy. If we are in Christ, then the birth of Christ reminds us that we have THE most amazing advocate working for us even when we can’t work for ourselves. Many people struggle with joy in their life because they've forgotten the significance of the birth of Christ. What if we began to see this new child being born for what he is (Isaiah 9:6)? God's message is that all people now have been given the savior that is desperately needed. 

  1. (God's mission) 

Starting in verse 15, we learn that God can, will, and wants to use anyone, including you. The first thing the shepherds did after seeing Jesus was SPREAD THE WORD. Gods plan for reconciliation culminated in the person of Christ being born, now people just need to hear about it. What would the world look like if the shepherds had stayed silent (Romans 10:14-15)? Many people feel inadequate to be used by God or maybe even a lack of responsibility. However, God's mission is for you to experience life change in Christ and simply tell the world about it. Remember this: In your weakness and shortcomings, God looks all the more mighty.

  1. (God's heart is revealed) 

In sending His son to be born here, God shows us His character:

  • Savior

  • Messiah

  • Lord

We worship a life-giving God who is capable of saving all who turn to him. We worship a savior who, even as a new child, is still King. We worship a God worthy of being Lord over our lives and dictating our actions. Knowing these things should bring peace, joy, and life unexplainable in the life of a christian. Know this, Jesus came to dwell with us because he wants you to join His family and bring glory to the name of God.

 Question Bank: 

  1. How has your week been spiritually? / What is God teaching you?

  2. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?

  3. What is the message of Christmas?

  4. How have you misrepresented this message throughout your life?

  5. What was the greatest accomplishment in the birth of Christ?

  6. What is God's mission in the birth of Christ?

  7. What does that mission have to do with you today? 

  8. In what ways have you stayed silent when it comes to this mission?

  9. How exactly does the birth of Jesus reveal God's character?

  10. Why is it important to understand the heart of God?