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                                       Family Matters 

Family Matters

This sermon is all about the importance of the Family. God’s word shows us that it is our job as parents to impress God’s truth onto our kids and this passage specifically gives us some keys as leaders to reach the next generation with the Gospel. 

Open up Reading these scriptures.

Deuteronomy 6:4-12; 20-21

Discussion Questions

1.. Lead with your life! Before Moses talks about spiritual activity in your house, he talks about spiritual affection in your heart. 

Why is loving the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength the highest calling in your life? 

Why is leading with your life (by example)  so important? How have you experienced the power of others leading by example in your own life?

2.. Lead From the Word! Moses says that God’s commandments (the word of God) should be on our hearts and we should impress them onto our children. 

Why is God’s word so important? What does God accomplish with His Word? 

Who is ultimately in charge of teaching the next generation about God and His work of Salvation?

3.. Lead in Your House! Moses specifically tells us to talk about God and His Word in our house.

Why is it so vital that we talk about the things of God in our house?

In Sunday’s sermon, Blake listed 5 things that we can implement and grow in as parents and leaders in our homes. Be Present, Be Intentional, Be Authentic, Be Consistent, and Be Respectful. Which one of these do you need to grow in the most as a Christian and as a parent?

4.. Rely on His Grace! Moses reminds us in vs 10-12 and in chapter 7:7-8 that it is by His Grace and covenant Love that He has ransomed us to Himself! He has saved us not by our works or performances but by His mighty hand and loving promises.

Why is it important for us to ultimately rely on God when it comes to raising our kids and teaching them about Him?

How does this truth give us great comfort and hope when it comes to reaching our kids and the next generation with the Gospel?