Connect Group Guide

                           Be The Church Week 11

                           Ephesians Ch 3:14-21


Important Announcements!

CGL Christmas Party Sunday @ 6:00 pm!


Choose a couple of your favorite points and questions to discuss from the following. (Don’t use every question)

Major Points 

This may be one of the most powerful prayers in all of scripture. Paul hits his knees and prays for the Ephesians! He prays that they would comprehend God’s love for them and through that, that they would grow in spiritual power! That God would do in them and through them more than they could ever think or imagine! Immeasurably more! 

1.. The power of God in us!

Before the power of God can work through us it first has to work in us! The power of God works in us through The Power of the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is the power of our salvation and the power of our sanctification and growth in Christ! The Key behind God working in us is us being dependent on him and growing in our comprehension of His love for us! We don’t earn it, He lavishes it on us! It is Grace that saves us and Grace that grows us! 


- Why is it important to Grow in your understanding of God’s love for you before you can grow in the Christian life?

- How does growing in God’s love shape how you live?

2.. The power of God through us into the world! 

The Love of God doesn’t just stop with you. It flows through you and into the world! The Love of God is what compels us to make Him known everywhere we go! We are to be conduits for the Gospel not cul de sacs. 


- What moved you the most about Ayana’s testimony?

- Has God’s love compelled you to share His love with others in the world?

- What is your role in the Global Mandate? What can you do right now to take the Gospel further than it’s ever gone before? (Ex: Give, Go, Pray)

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