Connect Group Guide

Jairus’s daughter 

Theme: As Jesus starts his ministry the gospels bring us face to face with Jesus and his encounters with broken people! Nothing shows us the heart of Jesus for people like FaceTime encounters! When we come face to face with Jesus and experience him for who he is, it should change everything! Read Mark 5:21-43

Major Points:

1. What do we learn about the people?

Jairus was powerful man with a desperate need! His daughter was dying!

The bleeding lady had a problem that no doctor in the land could heal! 

Jairus’ daughter was just 12 years old and she was on her death bed!

The one word that rings true in all of these situations is “desperation”.

They all had a desperate need for something outside of themselves to heal their broken problem. They desperately needed Jesus.


- How have you seen desperation for God lead to life change?

- Is desperation a word that describes your hunger for God right now?

2. What do we learn about Christ?

One word that describes his ministry from the jump is victory! Jesus is like Steph Curry at the three point line! Jesus is victorious over demons, victorious over disease, victorious over death! Jesus is exactly who he says he is!

  • He’s powerful - nothing is stronger
  • He has authority - he speaks and things happen 
  • He’s compassionate - notice his care for these people
  • He wants a relationship - He’s more than a magician, he wants a relationship with us! Thats the biggest miracle of all.


- How does this passage clarify your view of Jesus, and what he wants with your life?

- What other ways have you based your views of Jesus off of something other than his word?


3. What do we learn about transformation?

Not only did all three people in the story have a desperate problem, they also experienced deep transformation! Two things stand out before transformation took place.

One: A desperate need

When it comes to our spiritual condition we are all desperate apart from Jesus! Ephesians 2:1-3 says we are all born dead in our sins.

We aren’t good people who need to be made better, we are dead people who need to be made alive. The only person who can do that is Jesus.

Two: Faith

Notice what it was that Jairus and the bleeding lady both out their faith in. It was Jesus! This isn’t just a story about having faith, this is a story about faith in a person! Jesus! Faith is about building your life on Jesus and his teaching! Its living as if what God said was true! We cant live on off of what we think or feel but on the truth of who Jesus is and what his word teaches.

Transformation evidence

- Humility - she fell at his knees!

- Honesty - she told Jesus the whole truth

- Peace snd freedom - All of them received peace and freedom in christ.


All three are evidences of true transformation! When we walk away from experiencing Jesus and when we walk by faith on the word of God these same things are produced in our life!


Based off these pre-requisites and evidences, have you experienced genuine transformation?