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 Jesus Anointed at Bethany 

Theme: In John 12:1-10 Jesus is days away from being crucified when his friends have a dinner in his honor! As he sits amongst his friends in Lazarus's house there are a few things happening that we can learn from.

Major Points:

1.. Martha was Serving for Jesus

VS 2 There are two words in this passage that describe Martha to a T and those two words are “Martha Served”.  Everywhere we look in scripture Martha is always serving her lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

Notice her heart in serving was to “Honor Jesus”. Vs 2 says a dinner was given to honor Him and honoring Him is why she served.

Notice that because she was willing to serve, others in the house got to spend time with Jesus!


Q - Why is it important to Serve for Christ and not merely for people? Why is it important to remember that your service is first and foremost for the lord?

Q - Who is getting closer to Jesus because of your willingness to serve?

Q - What's your next step in serving the Lord?

2.. Mary was worshiping Jesus

VS 3 You may read verse three and think to yourself, that’s kind of weird! Mary is wiping Jesus's feet with her hair!?!? When we look closely we see that Mary displays true characteristics of worship.

She shows Humble adoration!

Washing and anointing feet would have been the lowest of the low when it comes to showing honor or respect. Mary shows us that true worship starts at the feet of Jesus. (Luke 9:23) She expresses a willing heart! If I had to put a song with Marys act of worship it would be the famous lyrics

“Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that your my God, your altogether lovely, altogether worthy altogether wonderful to me”

She shows Extravagant Generosity!

She not only anointed the feet of Jesus with her perfume but she anointed them with her best perfume! (This wasn’t axe body spray) She gave her best! She is showing complete surrender to her lord.

Her faith was noticeable!

She was unashamed and her faith was undeniable. It could be seen by everyone around her table.


Q - What does this passage teach you about worship?

Q - What in your life is getting your best?

Q - What are some areas you could grow in when it comes to worshiping God?

3.. Judas was questioning Jesus

VS 4-6

Judas proves his true colors in this passage! 

He had an appearance of Godliness.

On the outside looking in everyone would have considered Judas a true follower of Christ. Jesus doesn’t look on the outside Jesus looks on the inside. Judas didn’t love Jesus for Jesus, Judas loved Jesus for Judas.

He had a Heart of selfishness! 

Jesus put Judas in charge of the money in his ministry. Judas was supposed to steward the money but instead, he often stole the money. To Judas money was greater than Jesus with shows that Jesus wasn’t his treasure Jesus was a ticket to get things that he wanted.

He was deceived by sin!

This is a picture of what sin does in our life, it questions God.

His sin belittled Jesus and his sin betrayed Jesus. Sin does that same thing in our lives today!


Q - How have you questioned other people's worship of God in the past?

Q - What are some things that you didn’t want to give up for God in the past?

Q - How has sin in your life lined up with these characteristics that Judas had? (Have you seen these same Characteristics in your life?)

4 Lazarus was witnessing for Jesus

VS 9-11

Lazarus had something that many others didn’t have, and you best believe it was attractive!


He had a Living Testimony!

Lazarus in the passage before was just raised from death to life. (See also Romans 6:4) and (Ephesians 2:1-8)

He had a real fellowship!

The text says Lazarus was reclining at the table with Jesus. He had a real relationship and fellowship with Jesus! 

He had rest in a restless world!

Lazarus just had the biggest transformation of his life! He escaped death and found life in Christ. Lazarus had to of had what the Bible calls a peace that surpasses all understanding. Every kid knows what it's like to lay down at night and wonder what would happen if you didn’t wake up the next day. That wouldn’t bother Lazarus, why? Because he was transformed by Christ!

He had impacting results!

Vs 11

People encountered the power of Jesus when they saw Lazarus. When people witnessed Lazarus they witnessed Jesus!


Q - How is your testimony identical to Lazarus?

Q - Why is your personal fellowship (relationship) with God the most important thing in your life and in the lives of people around you?

Q - How did Jesus bringing Lazarus through the “fire” (a hopeless situation) grow his faith and the faith of people around him? How have trials grown you? How has God used bad situations to bring glory to his name?

Q - How has (is) God using you and your story to change people around you right now? (He wants to!)