Connect Group Guide

Jesus Calms The Storm 

Theme: Matthew chapter 8:18-27 shows us that Jesus has authority over all things! We see that following Jesus doesn’t mean that you won’t go through challenging circumstances in your life! The disciples were right in the middle of God’s will for their life; they were also right in the middle of a storm at the same time! Following Jesus doesn’t always mean smooth sailing, but it does mean you are in the boat with Jesus!

Major Points:

1. Jesus led them into a storm!

In v. 18 Jesus gave orders to go to the other side! Jesus knew the whole time that they would face a storm along the way, but He was going to use this storm to work in the hearts of His disciples. God doesn’t waste a storm - He uses them.

Examples: How can storms work out for our good?

They can show us our need for salvation.

They can show us our need for Jesus.

They can show us our need for sanctification.

Sometimes difficult situations reveal doubt in our lives.

They can show us the size of our faith.

How we respond to the storms in our lives reveals what we truly believe about God.

They can grow us up in our faith.

When we go through tough circumstances and Jesus is faithful to us in the midst of them, we will face them differently the next time we go through them.

They can bring God glory.

No test, no testimony! No mess, no miracle!

When we go through storms, and we look to Jesus in the midst of them it brings glory to God. Whether it's our faith in the midst of them that gives God glory or whether it's His faithfulness to us in times of doubt, storms bring glory to God.


  • How has God used “storms” in your life to grow you in the faith?

2. Jesus has authority over all things!

Nothing in this world or your life is out of God’s control and authority!

Even the wind and waves obey Him!

Jesus doesn’t drive an ambulance; he never shows up to the scene late. When things seem out of control, Jesus is in full control. How comforting it is to know that Jesus is good, and He is in control. I can trust that no matter what the circumstance God is using it for my good and for His glory.


  • What would change in your life if you Believed that Jesus was good and had authority over all things?
  • How would it change your view of the trials you face?
  • How would it change your worship of Jesus?
  • How would this truth change what you run to first in times when things are “out of control”?

3. A True Disciple’s Response to Jesus

Vs. 19-22 show us that following Jesus comes with a cost! 

(All or nothing.) 

Jesus wants unconditional trust.

  • Following Jesus doesn’t promise that everything is going to go well for you, following Jesus promises that no matter what we go through that He is enough!

Jesus wants undivided devotion.

- There is no convenient season to follow Jesus. There is no such thing as waiting for a better time in your life to follow Him. Jesus must be first! Today is the day of salvation!

Jesus wants a healthy fear of who He is.

  • To be a disciple our fear of God must trump anything else in our life! God’s voice has to be the loudest voice in our life!


  • Is your life characterized by these three things?!
  • Which one of these three characteristics do you lack the most?