Connect Group Guide

Jesus is tested in the wilderness 

Theme: This week we’re looking into Matthew chapter 4 where Jesus was tempted by satan in the wilderness. We often forget that we are in a real battle and we have a real enemy who wants to kill steal and destroy. The Good news for us is we also have a real savior who fights on our behalf. Jesus won in the wilderness where Adam failed in the garden. Like Adam we all have fallen short, but like Jesus we should still stand firm in times of temptation through walking in the spirit and standing on Gods word!

Major Points:

  1. Notice the tactics of our enemy:  (Matthew 3:) 

In order to fight or stand against the enemy, you have to know who he is! The Bible describes him as an accuser, father of lies, prince of the power of the air, crafty serpent, dark angel, and a roaring lion!

Satan doesn’t have many plays, but he's good at running the ones he has.

  • He attacks our Identity
  • He attacks our Faith 
  • He attacks Gods word (Truth)

Satan is crafty! And he seeks to attack you in ways your unaware of.

Question: If you were satan how would you tempt yourself?

Question: if this is true, and we have a real enemy roaming around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, how do you feel like satan has been attacking you recently in times present or past?

Question: Do you feel like most of your temptations come from satan, or do they come from original sin that lives inside of you?

  1. Notice how Jesus fights him off: (Matthew 4:1-11)

The one thing that Jesus went to was the word of God! Satan used Gods word out of context to try to tempt Jesus! Jesus combats the lies of the enemy with the truth of Gods word! The only way to fight against a lie is to use the truth. Gods word is essential when it comes to living the christian life and standing in spiritual warfare. If satan could do one thing he would want to twist and distort the word of God, he does the same thing in the garden of eden in Genesis chapter 3. The big take away for us is to know the scriptures! Read them, pray them, preach them, sing them, meditate on them, and run ever thought through them!

Question: How should we respond to spiritual temptation in our lives?

Question: Where do you stand when it comes to knowing and growing in Gods word? Are you proactive in the scriptures, or reactive?

If you ever stand a chance in fighting temptation, Gods word has to be a priority in your life!


  1. Where are you when it comes to spiritual warfare?

When it comes to spiritual warfare we are in 1 of 3 places.

  • We’re unaware! 

We are walking around as if there is not a war going on around us. 

  • We’re complacent

We understand that there is a real battle, but when we look at our life were just not engaged in it what so ever! We have been wooed into the arms of culture christianity that just goes through the motions of what’s comfortable.

  • We’re Engaged 

Not only are we aware of the spiritual warfare, but were engaged in it by focussing on christ so we can fight sin and be on mission to make disciples!

Question: Where do you stand when it comes to spiritual warfare?

Are you unaware at times?

Are you complacent in your routine?

Are you engaged in your walk with Christ, standing in the truth, and living on mission to make disciples?

Question: Whats your next step when it comes to spiritual warfare?