Connect Group Leader Guide

John 1- God With Us

  Theme: Who is Jesus? What you think about when you think about Jesus might be the most important thing in your life! The truest thing about God isn’t what we think about Him, but what He says about Himself in His word. John shows us not king Jesus, not Servant Jesus, not Son of man Jesus, John shows us the Son of God Jesus! John wants all skeptics to know that Jesus Himself is God in the flesh! Vs 18

Major Points:

1.. Our Great God

This is one of the clearest passages in the Bible on the identity of Jesus!

A.. He is God!

This is John’s whole purpose in writing. John’s audience is questioning that Jesus is God in the flesh. Many people in our world want to debate this.

  • Some believe Jesus is just a good teacher.
  • Some believe Jesus to be a charismatic miracle worker.
  • Some believe Jesus to be one of many prophets.
  • But John is making it really clear that He is God.

In a world that is trying to recreate Jesus for who it wants Him to be. May we be a people that sees Him for who he really is.

B.. He is the Word (vs 1, 14, 18) 

Words reveal who people are. They reveal what someone is thinking and how they feel about things. Jesus is the Word who reveals God to us. If you want to know anything about God, then just look to Jesus. (He is God revealed to us)

  • He reveals God’s mind.
  • Jesus reveals God’s will.
  • Jesus displays God’s perfections.
  • Jesus exposes God’s heart.

C.. He is The Light & Life

Jesus is the Light of the world!

Light exposes the darkness and it reveals things as they truly are.

Jesus exposes the darkness of sin in our hearts and he illuminates things as they truly are. Only when we look at Jesus can we see ourselves and everything else accurately. 

  • our sin
  • Our created purpose
  • Life as it should be

Jesus is Life!

Not only does He reveal our sin but He reveals life to us.

Jesus came to give us life!

  • He offers us Salvation.
  • He is our great example.
  • He is where true satisfaction is found.



If Jesus were to shine a light on the darkness in your life right now, what do you think it would be?

What is your heart trying to find life in other than Jesus?

How does Jesus being the Word made flesh change your view of the Bible? 

Why is it so important that Jesus is God in the flesh?

2.. A Blind People

Being blind is bad. Being spiritually blind is worse! If you're blind physically, you know you are blind. When your blind spirituality, your blind and don’t even realize it.

John says there are two types of people.

A.. Rejectors

These are people who are lost in their blindness.

They don’t recognize Jesus for who He is.

They don’t receive Him as Lord and savior.

We are all born as rejectors. (In Adam we all are born in original sin)

B.. Receivers

These are people who have tasted Amazing Grace! ( I once was blind but now I see)

They see Jesus for who He is! God!

They believe in Jesus as lord as savior!

They are regenerated! Born Again in Christ!

C.. Which category are you in?


Based on the fruit of your life, which category are you in? (Don’t consider yourself good soil)

How are you actively rejecting Jesus in your life right now?

3.. A Bolds Witness

John the Baptist wasn’t the light, but he was a witness to the light.

How can we be a witness to the light?

A.. Walk by the Spirit

It’s impossible to be a witness for Jesus and walk in the flesh! The flesh is hostile to God. The spirit always elevates Jesus. With John the Baptist we can say, He must increase and I must decrease.

B.. Live like Jesus

People have to see Jesus in our lives before they will believe what we say. We have to earn the right to preach the gospel to others. When people look at our lives they should see Jesus living in us!

C.. Share the gospel message 

Apart from the Gospel, there is no salvation! We have to be willing to tell people the truth about Christ. Who they are apart from Him, Who he is, and what He has done for them! 


When people look at your life, do they see Jesus?

What does it look like to walk by the spirit?

What's your biggest hindrance when it comes to sharing the gospel?