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John the Baptist

Theme: This week we’re looking into the life of John the baptist. John the Baptist was Jesus' cousin .  John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus. He went before him proclaiming that the kingdom of heaven has come near, prepare the way for the lord. There is a lot that we can learn from taking a deep dive into the life of John.

Major Points:

  1. A clear message.  (Matthew 3:1-12) 

John the Baptist wasn't only Jesus' cousin, he was Jesus' favorite preacher! If Jesus had a podcast John the Baptist would have been first on his playlist. John's message was clear and constant.

  • Repent
  • Bear Fruit
  • Jesus is greater

Question: If John the Baptist was preaching to you right now, which one of these would you need to hear the most?

Question: What is your next step in each of these topics?

How can you grow in repentance? 

Where in your life is fruit lacking?

What in your life are you treasuring more than Jesus right now?

  1. A real struggle.  (Matthew 11:1-15)  

In this passage we see that John was a real man with a real struggle. John the Baptist of all people knew that Jesus was who he said he was, but like many christians today John went through a time where he struggled. He was in prison for standing up for what was right. He was isolated from community. He had doubts and questions. God where are you at? Are you sure you are who you say you are, because I'm struggling right now! But John went to Jesus with his Questions and Jesus met him in his struggle.

Question: It's been said that all people either are in the midst of a struggle, headed out of a struggle, or headed into a struggle. Have you ever had moments in your life where you questioned God because of what you were going through? Explain.

Question: How should we respond to doubt in our lives?


  1. A pleased savior. (Matthew 14:1-14)

In this passage Jesus shares his thoughts on John the Baptist! Jesus says that there has never been anyone greater than John the Baptist. Here are some characteristics that describe his life.

Faithful servant - John 3:30

Purpose driven missionary


Question: If God used a few words to characterize your life right now based on the fruit of it, what words would he use?

Question: John 3:30 is the theme of John the Baptist life, it reads  “He must increase and i must decrease”. What are some necessary steps in order for you to decrease in your life, and for Jesus to increase in your life?