Connect Group Guide


Theme: Jonah is a very short book, with a very powerful message. Jonah was called by God to go to one of the most wicked cities in the world (Nineveh) to tell the people to repent. Why we can learn alot from Jonah, what we learn the most is the character of God. The main message of Jonah is God loves all people, Jews and Gentiles and wants people to turn to him in repentance. 

Major Points:

  1. (The Disobedience of Jonah ch1) 

God Called Jonah to go right to Nineveh, Jonah went left to Tarshish! It's easy for us to point out the blatant disobedience in Jonah's life, but sometimes it's hard to see the disobedience in our own lives. There are many reasons for our disobedience.


  1. We don't agree with God and lean to our own understanding

  2. We don't want to do what Gods calling us to do.

  3. We just don't understand it, so therefore we don't do it.


What are some ways you have been disobedient to God in your life instead of doing what Gods called you to do?

  1. (The Faithfulness of God)  

When Jonah was unfaithful to God, God was still faithful to Jonah. God's faithfulness is revealed in three ways. First, God disciplined Jonah. The Bible says God disciplines those whom he loves.

Second, God restores Jonah back to the mission he called him to the first time. We serve a God who can take our mess and turn it around into a greater message. Third, God was faithful to the Ninevites. Even though Jonah ran from Neneviah, God was determined to reach them!


  • How have you seen the faithfulness of God in your life?

  • Have you ever been disciplined or restored by God? Take a moment and share what that looked like for you.

  1. (The Salvation of the Ninevites)

The story of Jonah is a story of Grace. It's a story of God's heart for all people! We sometimes are like Jonah, we don't have the grace and love for people the way that God does. So instead of Going and making disciples of all Nations, we run. We may not run to Tarshish, but we do hide behind our calendars, jobs, and other comforts that we were used to. We see Two things we should think about. First: God is serious about his mission to reach lost people, and he wants to use us to do so. Second: Noone is too far for God to reach!


  • How are you Currently Living for the mission that God has called you to? (Making Disciples)

  • What's your next step in making disciples?

  • Who is someone you know that you think is too far gone for God to reach? Ask God to put someone on your heart, and close out praying for them together!