Connect Group Leader Guide

Theme: (Matthew ch 13:1-46) Often when Jesus taught He taught in parables! Parables conceal the truth from those who are too lazy to seek it or have hardened their hearts to it. Parables reveal the truth to those who seek understanding!

Major Points:

1. Are you good soil?

Vs 1-9 & Vs 18-23

When we look into these verses we see 4 types of soil!

The main question for us is, Are we Good soil?

A.. Hard Heart - Someone who rejects this message because their heart has been hardened!

B.. Superficial Heart - Someone who makes an emotional first-time decision; gets excited about church, maybe even gets baptized, but soon as persecution or hard times comes their way they walk away because “they had no roots”

C.. Divided Heart - Someone who wants the best of both worlds. They want Jesus but they want the world too. They never fully surrender because there’s always that “1 thing” that holds them back. The biggest evidence is no fruit.

D.. Fruitful Heart - Someone who heard the gospel, gave their lives to Christ, and the fruit of their life showed it. (Not a perfect person but one that is pursuing Christ daily & walking in repentance.



  • What's your favorite thing in this parable?
  • How have you seen these soils play out in real life? (Your life personally or the life of someone you know.)
  • How does this teaching change the way you receive God’s word? Francis chan says “Don’t consider yourself good soil!”

2. Are you good seed or a bad weed?

Vs 24-30 Vs 36-43

When we look into these verses we see that you are either 1 or two things. Good seed or a Bad weed.

Characteristics of Good seed.

  • Good seeds are Kingdom people. They are Kingdom builders! (Gods kingdom)

  • Christ reigns and rules in their heart and lives. Ex: (Acts 2:42 DEVOTED)

  • They love God, love others, and live on mission.

  • Their greatest treasure is Jesus, and their greatest aim is obedience.

  • They aren’t spectators in God’s church. They are participants. (Movers and shakers)

  • Their lives shine like Christ in this dark world.

  • Ultimately, they look forward and long for the return of Christ! (Because their hearts are right.)

Characteristics of Weeds. 


  • weeds live for themselves. They are kingdom people, but it’s their own kingdom that they primarily live for.

  • Paul says Their lives are characterized by sin. They follow the selfish pattern of this world. They live in disobedience. Gratifying the cravings of their flesh and following its desires and thoughts.

  • 1 John - says they may even confess to being a Christian and may even attend church but they walk in darkness.

  • Tony Evans says, “Self-righteous religion will grow in the world alongside true Christianity. There will also be those who appear to be saved. They use spiritual-sounding language and get involved in church programs, but their Christianity is only an imitation. They may camouflage themselves among true believers, but God can’t be deceived.”

  • Ultimately, weeds fear the return of Christ because they know they will stand in judgment!


  • What's your favorite thing in this parable?
  • If you were standing face to face with God right now, would you be gathered with the good seed? Or would you be separated with the bad weeds?
  • which characteristics best make up your life right now?
  • Looking back on your life, have you ever been a weed, but thought you were Good seed? Talk about that!

3. Have you found this treasure? 

In this passage, Jesus’s point is that the kingdom of God is the most valuable thing that we could ever find! The Kingdom of God is so valuable that losing everything on earth, but getting the kingdom, is a joyful trade-off!

A.. What is the kingdom of heaven?

The rule and reign of Jesus in our life! 

B.. Why is the kingdom so valuable?

Because when we find it, we find true purpose and true design.

(Created by God for God) When we find it, our soul finds peace and rest!

We find eternal life eternal joy, eternal satisfaction! Life with God!

C. Well then why don’t we value it?

We buy into the LIE.

  • That something else is more valuable
  • That something else can satisfy our deepest longings
  • That God wants to take something away from us instead of giving something to us. Therefore we refuse to put our whole yes on the table.


  • What's your favorite thing about this parable? How does it speak into your life? 
  • What brings you the most Joy? What gets your best sacrifice? Based on those answers, what is your true treasure? (Is it Jesus)