Connect Group Guide

                            Life is Better Together Week

                               Hebrews 10:1-25


Important Announcements!

Reminder we will have 1 more Connect Group Meet and Greet This coming Sunday! (Sunday 14th) Billy will be preaching another message on community!

It will look the same as this past Sunday. If you can't make it then reach out to me and we can have someone stand in for you! Hope you have a great week! Praying for you.


Theme: As Christians, we are called to do life together in community! Paul David Tripp says that the Christian life is a community project. The Bible backs that up!

Hebrews 10 shows us that Jesus was the perfect sacrifice! However, it also shows us that His sacrifice wasn’t just for us but it was for His Church. Part of doing life with Christ is doing life with the people he died for. (His family.)

Major Points:

Life is Better Together  

Why? Why is life better together?

A… What we have in Christ! 

This passage is Rich! It shows us what Christ did for us on our behalf, and it shows us what we have in response to what he did in our place. 

What would change in your life if you believed these truths below?

We have a Great High Priest vs 21

Eternal Forgiveness vs 14 & vs 17

Confidence to enter God’s presence vs 19

Inward Transformation vs 16

His indwelling Presence

Full Assurance vs 22  

How do these truths change everything? How do they encourage you or challenge you?

Why should these truths cause us to do life together with other Christians?

B.. What we have in Common!

All Community rallies around common passions. When people have things in common they are more likely to form a friendship, and the friendship they form revolves around what they have in common. The world has been doing this for years. However, the Gospel unites us in a way that the world never could. The Gospel gives us one thing that is stronger than any difference we could ever have. Jesus not only brings us together… He holds us together in Him.

We have the same Sin.           (Born into sin)

We have the same Savior       (Jesus Christ)

We have the same Story.        (Death to Life)

We have the same Spirit.       (The Holy Spirit)

We have the same Mission.  (Go Make Disciples)

What Commonalities do we have in Jesus that outweighs the differences we have outside of Him?

How can our salvation stories be so different but at the same time the exact same? What does this do to our pride?

C.. What we have in Community  

There is power in Community! This is why Hebrews say to consider how we can stir up one another! This is why Hebrews say’s don’t forsake the gathering together. Remembering the Gospel and doing life together help the Christian to persevere in his/her faith.

Community gives us a number of things! Here are just a few.

It gives us real accountability.

It gives us deep discipleship.

It gives us Spiritual leaders to look to.

It gives us Spirit-filled Christians to do life with.

It gives an opportunity for the Bible to be discussed communally. (As a group)

It gives us a place to be fully known.

It gives us a place to experience the Love of God.

It gives us a family for times of hardships.

It reminds us that life not about us.

It helps us deal with our selfishness.

It helps us live out our faith.

In what ways has community given you something that isolation never could?

Which one of the above have you been the most thankful for in times past?

Which one of the above could you grow in the most?

D… Don’t forsake the gathering

Jesus says, Don’t do life with me and not my family! (Speaking metaphorically)

Jesus says, Don’t do life with me and not my bride!   (Speaking metaphorically)

Don’t forsake a family that Jesus died for!

The opposite of forsaking something is engaging something!

What is your next step in community? What is one way you can engage in community better than you have been?


Spend some time closing in prayer and asking God to move in your group in amazing ways this school year! Pray for God to bring life change in you personally and in your group as a whole!