Connect Group Guide

                             Marriage Matters  Week 1


Marriage Matters

This series is all about the Family, especially marriage! The truth is Marriage Matters and we want to spend a few weeks diving into God's word and discussing matters in marriage! Connect Groups are a great place to have deeper discussions around God’s word concerning marriage, encouraging one another to take steps into becoming the spouse that God desires for us to be.

Open up Reading these scriptures.

Genesis 2:18; 20-25,   Matthew 7:24-27,   Ephesians 5:21-33

Discussion Questions 

Questions for Coed:

1.. What’s God’s design for marriage?

2.. Ask your spouse what is one of the characteristics Billy listed that you are currently not living out. Be intentional here and allow your spouse to speak into your life. Remember you’re on the same team.

3.. Men - what characteristics are you lacking, and what are some next steps for you to take to help you grow into the husband that God desires you to be?

4.. Women - What characteristics are you lacking, and what are some next steps for you to take to help you grow into the wife that God desires for you to be?

Close in prayer: Ask God to help you grow into the spouse He desires for you to be.

Questions for Singles: 

1. Is your foundation on Christ firm? If you were dating/married would that change your foundation in Christ? What does this reveal about your relationship with Him? 

2. What marriages have you seen with/without an understanding of God’s design? Is there a noticeable difference between a marriage under God’s design and one that’s not? 

3. Based on the characteristics of the husband and wife, do these characterize you already? Do you exhibit these without the presence of a significant other? 

4. Are you idolizing marriage? Are you more focused on finding the right person, or becoming the right person?

Close in prayer: Ask God to help you become the man/woman God wants you to be.

Characteristics of the Godly Husband (spiritual leader) and the Godly Wife (spiritual helper)

The Godly Husband  (from Ephesians 5)

1. He leads in love.

2. He leads in the word.

3. He leads in righteousness.

4. He leads in selflessness.

5. He leads in intimacy.

The Godly Wife (from Ephesians 5; 1 Peter 3; Titus 2; Proverbs 31)

1. She pursues godliness.

2. She submits to her husband.

3. She speaks life.

4. She prioritizes her home.

5. She’s missional.

6. She trusts God above all.