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                            Marriage Matters  Week 2

Marriage Matters

This series is all about the Family, especially marriage! The truth is Marriage Matters and we want to spend a few weeks diving into God's word and discussing matters in marriage! Connect Groups are a great place to have deeper discussions around God’s word concerning marriage, encouraging one another to take steps into becoming the spouse that God desires for us to be.

Discussion Questions

Questions for Coed:     James 4:1-3

1.. What does conflict look like in your marriage? (What do y’all have conflict about the most?)

2.. When it comes to solving conflict in your marriage, what have you seen that works and what have you seen that does not work? Which cycle do you tend to use? The Negative Conflict Cycle, or Positive Conflict Cycle?

3..  Which letter on the Diffuse graphic do you think is most important when solving conflict, and which one do you struggle with the most?

Close in prayer:   Ask God to help you grow into the spouse He desires for you to be.

Questions for Singles: 1 Corinthians 7:6-8;  1 Corinthians 7:32-35

1.. How encouraging is it to know that singleness is a gift and that God wants to use this season in your life to be fully devoted to Him? How have you seen people waste their singleness? What are some steps you can take to have an undivided devotion to God?

2.. Marriage is a great gift but a terrible God! How have you seen people try to idolize relationships and marriage in their life and why is it so important not to look to others for something that we can only find in Christ?

3.. Marriage is a Lifelong Covenant! When it comes to making one of the most important decisions in your life you shouldn’t settle for the bare minimum.

How have you compromised God’s standards for dating/marriage in your past?

4.. You don’t date to date, you date to marry. The whole point of dating is to decide if you could see yourself united to this person for the rest of your life. Blake pointed out three key factors to look for when looking for a future spouse.

A Common Cause - Their Cause in Life needs to be Jesus!

A Godly Character - Someone who is committed to being shaped by Christ!

A Good Chemistry - Someone you enjoy being around.

Why are these three things important to have before marriage?

Close in prayer: Ask God to help you become the man/woman God wants you to be.