Connect Group Guide

                            Marriage Matters  Week 4


Marriage Matters

This series is all about the Family, especially marriage! The truth is Marriage Matters and we want to spend a few weeks diving into God's word and discussing matters in marriage! Connect Groups are a great place to have deeper discussions around God’s word concerning marriage, encouraging one another to take steps into becoming the spouse that God desires for us to be.

Open up Reading these scriptures.

Matthew 6:19-24

Discussion Questions

1.. What does it look like to have a Biblical perspective concerning money and why is it important?

2.. When it comes to Money and Marriage What are some things that cause conflict in your marriage?

3.. Which of the four Money Personalities do you have? (And your spouse if married)

1. The Spender    2. The saver   3. The Investor    4. The Ignorer

What are some strengths and weaknesses of each?

4.. What are some steps we can take to do money God’s way in our marriage?

Sermon Examples: Gosple Alignment, A Good Plan, Shared Accountability.