Connect Group Guide

Mark 2:1-12

Theme: In week 5 of our series “Re-engage”, we are looking at re-engaging in Evangelism. Your life has always had a purpose, to make Christ known in the world. There are countless people that surround us each day who do not know Christ as their savior, and we are God’s response. Our story in Mark this week gives us some insight into a group of people who took evangelism seriously. As you study this week, it is our hope that you would grow in your understanding of what evangelism really is, and change the course of your life to better serve the Lord through evangelism. 

Major Points:

  1. (The compassion they felt) 

The ultimate question is: does your heart break for the brokenness in people's lives? This means physical & spiritual. The men in this story clearly had compassion for their lame friend. When christians think of compassion, it’s important to remember that we have the ultimate model for compassion: Jesus! As you read about interactions that Jesus had, it’s impossible to miss the heart of compassion that he had. He has compassion for the physical & spiritual brokenness of man which were both caused by the fall of mankind. Too often we view people apart from compassion and it breeds more brokenness, not only in other people, but also in our own hearts. When we begin to look at people through the lens of compassion, we will ultimately be able to love them well and magnify Christ in our actions.  

  1. (The faith they had)  

When Jesus saw “Their faith”... he said son your sins are forgiven. These men had faith that Jesus was capable & willing to heal this man. The thing to pick up on isn’t simply the obstacles these men overcame for their friend, but what was powerful enough to make them take on these obstacles. I wonder if the story would play out the same way if these men weren’t sure if Jesus could or would save? Evangelism can be challenging, but when we have full holistic faith that Jesus is who he says he is and is more than capable of saving, healing, and restoring the people around us, we will be able to overcome any obstacle that hinders us from getting people to Jesus. If he can change our lives, we have to believe he can do it for others. 

  1. (The boldness they lived with) 

When our hearts break for the lost and broken people around us it should result in the urge to do something. If we see brokenness day in and day out yet do nothing we become a part of the problem. Christ established his church to mirror himself to the world and reconcile the broken back to God. This is our mission! We were given the Holy Spirit to create a boldness in our hearts that shape us into the image of Christ (which includes reaching the lost & broken). Too often we allow obstacles and fear to keep us from evangelizing. Things like fear of people's opinion, fear of failure, or maybe thinking you’re too busy are the kinds of things that satan puts before us. What’s worse is we buy into that lie in our selfishness. God created us to be bold on His behalf, and when we are, life change will happen.


Question Bank: 

  1. How has your week been spiritually? / What is God teaching you?

  2. What sins are you struggling with that you need to confess?

  3. How have you experienced compassion and heartbreak for the lost and broken?

  4. What’s the difference in feeling compassion toward someone and feeling sorry for them?

  5. What passages in scripture prove that Christ is the ultimate model for compassion?

  6. What is the danger of having relationships with broken people and not having compassion?

  7. What drove Christ to restore this man? Explain this concept

  8. What is different about your faith compared to these men?

  9. If you compared the way you live your life with the faith you say you have, how would they compare and how would they differ? 

  10. What areas of your life have been controlled by fear?

  11. What areas of your life have been controlled by boldness for Christ?