Connect Group Guide


   Theme: The book of revelation was written to be an encouragement to the 7 churches of John's day! In chapters 21 and 22 we see the vision of what’s to come in the near future! We see a picture of heaven, the reality of hell, and the return of Christ! 

Major Points:

1.. A Vision of the Future

A.. A Clear Picture of Heaven

God gives John a glimpse of the new heaven and new earth!

  • A Glorious throne of God
  • No Darkness. No Sun
  • Tree of life
  • River of life
  • Proximity to God
  • All Nations
  • No more sin, sickness, hospitals
  • Perfect identity
  • Serving
  • Forever and ever! (A forever home)

The Best God, combined with the best things of this earth, combined with the best people of this earth, combined with the best places on this earth, combined with the best job on this earth.

There are many people with misconceptions of what heaven is. Do not let anything other than the Bible shape your view of heaven.

B.. A Clear Picture of Hell

  • A Real place
  • An Eternal place
  • Darkness
  • You become your sin

Apart from Jesus, it is where people will spend eternity. This is why the mission of God is so urgent! This is why we give our lives to the mission.

“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for.”        Charles Spurgeon



Q - What are some misconceptions about heaven people have?

Q - What are some misconceptions about hell do people have?

Q - How do these truths provoke you to live on mission for Jesus? How does this change the way you make disciples? 

2.. A Mindset for now

Three times in this passage God says “I am coming soon.” As a believer, the certainty and nearness of Jesus’ return should ignite passion, holiness, urgency, and faithful endurance in our lives.

A.. Holiness

The return of Christ should make us reflect on our lives personally! It should cause us to examine our lives to see if we are growing more into the image of Christ! God cares deeply about who we are becoming.

B.. Urgency

When we think about the return of Christ it should cause us to live with urgency! If we lived every day as if Christ died yesterday, Resurrected and ascended today, and was coming back tomorrow we would leverage our time to tell people about Him and the good news of Jesus! We would care a little less about our earthly kingdoms and we would focus more on our eternal one!

People's lives are at stake.

C.. Endurance

As Christians, our home is in heaven! Earth is the closest thing to hell we will ever face. When we think about the future in heaven or the return of Christ to get us as His church, this should stir up inside of us endurance to face the temporary trials of today. There is nothing on earth that heaven cant fix!



Q - How would living with the end in mind change you as a person? How would it grow you in holiness? How would it loosen your grip on this world and grow you into the image of Jesus?

Q - How does living in the light of the return of Christ change the way you pursue others around you with the gospel. How does it change your actions towards others?

Q - How would meditating on heaven 30 min a day help you in your earthly trials?

3.. An invitation for today

VS 17-21 Come!

The greatest invitation ever is the Spirit of God looking at a lost sinner and saying “COME”

All who are thirsty come! Example John ch 4 (woman at the well)


What you think of when you think about the return of christ says a lot about you and your spiritual condition!

Q - What do you think about when you think about the return of Christ?