Connect Group Guide

                           Romans Week 13

                                 Romans 8:1-13

Read Romans 8:1-13

Preferred Questions: *These questions are personal. They target the heart and put healthy responsibility on your group to spend time with God and seek the Lord.

Take turns, Go around, and have each person answer all 3 questions.

1. How are you doing spiritually? (SPIRITUALLY!!!)

2. What stuck out to you this week in the 412 (Bible Recap) or in Romans ch 8:1-13

3. What’s one thing (sin) you’re struggling with right now that we can pray for you about? 

Question bank (If Needed) Don't use every Point/Question Choose some favorites based on your group Specifically! 

Last week Paul reminded us as believers that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. This week he brings us to a crossroads! He says we are either in the realm of the flesh, or we are in the realm of the Spirit. He shows us that people in the flesh have their minds set on the flesh and can not please God but those in the realm of the Spirit have an obligation to live by the spirit every day! 

1.. What does Romans 8:1-13 teach us about God?  (What’s the God shot in this passage?)

2.. What does a life governed (ruled) by the flesh look like?

3.. In vs 12-13 Paul tells us that we have an obligation as Christians to live not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit within us! Why are we obligated to live according to the Spirit and what does that look like in your daily life?