Connect Group Guide

                              Romans Week 14

                                    Romans 8:14-17

Read Romans 8:1-13

Preferred Questions: *These questions are personal. They target the heart and put healthy responsibility on your group to spend time with God and seek the Lord.

Take turns, Go around, and have each person answer all 3 questions.

1. How are you doing spiritually? (SPIRITUALLY!!!)

2. What stuck out to you this week in the 412 (Bible Recap) or in Romans ch 8:14-17

3. What’s one thing (sin) you’re struggling with right now that we can pray for you about? 

Question bank (If Needed) Don't use every Point/Question Choose some favorites based on your group Specifically! 

Paul shows us in this passage exactly what God has done for us and who we are in Christ. He has adopted us into His family and we who once were alienated from God due to our sins, we have now been bought with a price and have been given the right to become children of God. We who once were far off have now been brought close through the blood of Jesus! Heirs of God.

1.. What does Romans 8:14-17 teach us about God?  (What’s the God shot in this passage?)

2.. What does this passage teach us about who we are in Christ?  (Our New Identity)

  • What does it mean to be adopted? As a believer how should being adopted into God’s family change your view of the Gospel and how you face everyday life? 
  • What does it mean to be an heir of God or a co-heir with Christ? How does this truth give you great hope in times of trials and suffering?
  • Vs 14-15 show us that when God adopts us into His family and gives us the Promised Holy Spirit, He brings us out of slavery and into Sonship. When you look at your life are you operating in the power of the Holy Spirit or are you still living in the bondage of slavery?

3.. What is something God is teaching you through this passage or through Sunday’s sermon?