Connect Group Guide

 Sauls Conversion 

Theme: In Acts chapter 9 we see one of the biggest transformations in the history of the world! The transformation of Saul to Paul! Paul is one of the greatest missionaries the world has ever seen, but he wasn't always a missionary for Jesus! That changed when he had a head-on collision with Jesus Christ! 

Major Points:

1.. Grace in Salvation

A.. Grace says no one’s too far

If Saul's conversion teaches us anything, it teaches us that nobody is too far for Jesus to reach! There is no road that Jesus can’t meet you on. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you did it, there is no one nowhere who can out sin the cross of Christ!

B.. Salvation is by Grace not works

We live in the world of performance! If you want to climb the ladder in the world we live in you have to work for it! Sin in our hearts has a natural bent towards works-based salvation. The Gospel isn’t you climbing up to God by your works, The Gospel is God climbing down the ladder to get to you by living the life you couldn’t live and dying the death that you deserve! Works don’t produce faith but faith will produce works! There is a big difference between the two. 



Q - What are some good examples of works-based salvation?

Q - How are you trying to fight sin in your power instead of looking to Christ?

Q - What road do you need Christ to meet you on right now?

Q - Have you ever met someone who was blinded by their self-righteousness?

Q - Have you ever met someone who felt “too far gone” for God to love them and save them?

2.. Purpose in Salvation

A.. God’s glory being revealed is the ultimate purpose of anyone's salvation

God doesn’t just save us from something, God saves us to something!

Salvation isn’t primarily about us! Sin in us likes to make the cross about what God has done for us, but it doesn’t start and stop there. The cross is first and foremost about God’s glory. It's not "look what we have done", it’s "look what He has done." The Cross is about you, but it isn’t all about you! It’s about God! God wants to reveal his glory to you so you can turn around and teach it to others! God gets glory through reconciling sinners to himself! We become trophies of his Grace to shine in the world that we live in, work in, and play in! We are to be witnesses of His glory to others in the world.

B.. For Saul, there was a particular focus on where he would take God’s glory (the gentiles)

God wants his glory to fill the earth! He desires that every tongue and tribe would know him and what He has done for them. God uses us to be the hands and feet to carry the Gospel to people who don’t have it. (See Romans 10:14-15) There are nations all over the world that do not have access to the gospel. 3.41 billion people have never heard the gospel. Paul aimed to take the gospel to people who didn’t have it. God has given us a command to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:16-20)


  • 3.14 billion people have never heard the Gospel message. (42.2% of the world)
  • 80% of these people live in what’s called the 10/40 window (google it)
  • 2135 languages do not have a single verse of scripture
  • There are 900 churches in the world for every 1 unreached people group



Q - What should our response be to these statistics?

Q - How have you made the cross all about you?

3.. A role in salvation

We are all called to play a part in engaging all Nations with the gospel!

It's not the great suggestion, it's the great commission!

A.. Ananias’s role was to send Paul out.

It takes money and funding for people to engage the nations. Some of us are called to pray, and give towards missionaries and church planters who are planting churches throughout the world!

B.. Paul’s role was to go to the nations!

People can't believe in who they have not heard of and they can't hear unless someone goes and tells them! We are all called to go into the world and make disciples locally and internationally!


Q - Are you making disciples where you are right now?

Q - How are you actively engaging the nations with the gospel?

Q - What's your role when it comes to taking the gospel to the nations? Is it sending or is it going?