Connect Group Guide

                           Sending Sunday

                           Matt 28:16-20


Important Announcements!

This Sunday, January 8th at 5:00 @ STC will be our Connect Group Leader Launch Night. 21 days of Prayer and fasting will start on January the 9th! Check social media for updates concerning what that looks like. Remind your people about the who’s your one 30-day prayer guide booklets. Heart and Soul will start on January 15th.


Choose a couple of your favorite points and questions to discuss from the following. (Don’t use every question)

Major Points 

Truth 1: God’s ultimate goal is for us to Enjoy His Grace and Extend His Glory among all nations.

When it comes to the Bible most of us don’t think of it as 1 big missional story. However, from Genesis to Revelation the constant theme is God saying Enjoy my grace Extend my glory. God wants to fill the earth with the knowledge of the Glory of God. He desires for All Nations to Enjoy HIs Grace and Extend His glory into the world! Every story in the Bible is a part of this bigger story! 


Have you ever been taught this truth before in church and how does this truth change the way you read the Bible?

Truth 2: The ultimate goal of every Christian and every church is to enjoy God’s grace and Extend God’s glory among all nations.

God’s plan to accomplish His goal of extending His glory to All Nations is us! 

He is using redeemed people who have Enjoyed HIs Grace to Extend it to others throughout the world. This is why we say here at Connection Church Saved people live SENT! God has always used redeemed people to in turn redeem other people. We are to carry the good news to people who don’t have it! All Nations!


How does this truth challenge the belief that “I'm not called to missions?”

What does this teach you about God’s purpose for your life? Where you live, work, and play?

3.. What now?

Two Conclusions

1.. We are to be living SENT where God has placed us right now!

God wants you to make disciples in every area of your life. He has placed you where you are in this time in history for the purpose of enjoying HIs Grace and Extending HIs glory.

What area of your life are you not living sent? 

What’s your next step when it comes to living sent right where God has placed you?

2.. We are all called to make disciples of all nations, and each have a specific and unique part to play.

Some of us are looking for a call when God has already given us a command. Every Christian is called to make disciples of All Nations in some way shape or form.

Examples: Sending, giving, going, praying.

Are you currently active in making disciples of All Nations?

What is your next step in making Disciples of All Nations?