Connect Group Guide

Teach us how to pray 

Theme: Prayer is the christians greatest privilege, its the christians greatest service, but it’s the christians greatest weakness! Prayer is something that we all struggle with when it comes to our faith. If we’re honest we really don’t know how to pray. The Good news is we aren’t alone in this. The disciples didn’t know how to pray either, thats why in Luke chapter 11 they ask Jesus, Jesus teach us how to pray! The even better news is Jesus did teach them how to pray, and He teaches us too!

Major Points:

1. Why don’t we pray?

There are many reasons why we don't pray! When it comes to prayer we treat it like going to the gym or starting a new diet and we say I just need more will power. The problem we really have isn’t a lack of will power its a lack of real power. The Holy Spirit working in us brings a desire to pray. We either don’t have the Holy Spirit (we’re not saved) or we aren't walking in the spirit (we’re walking in the flesh) either way we are being controlled by the flesh which produces all kinds of things in our life that keep us from praying. 


  • Unbeliefs we hold - we have honest questions or doubts concerning prayer.
  • insecurities we have - we all have insecurities when it comes to prayer.
  • accusations we believe - we have all bought into lies and accusations that satan has put into our heart or minds.
  • Misconceptions we think - we all have had wrong views when it comes to prayer.


  • How have you personally had unbeliefs, insecurities, accusations, misconceptions concerning prayer? Which one of these do your struggle with the most?
  • When it comes to your prayer life what hinders it the most?

2. Why should we pray?

The question really isn’t why should we pray, the question is why wouldn't we pray?

Prayer is a gift from God.

  • Prayer is a special privilege we possess as christians that we didn’t before. To think that God invites me into his sovereign plan and uses my prayers to change things around me. 
  • God didn’t give you a gift to pray for you not to use it!

Prayer reveals our hearts.

  • nothing reveals your hearts like the words that come out of your mouth, especially when it comes to prayer.

We’re in a real war.

  • the biggest reason we should pray is the fact that we have a real enemy who wants to distract us from the spiritual realities going on around us. Sin crouches at our door and spiritual warfare is rampant all around us. When we realize this truth it should drive us to God in prayer because He is the only one who can help us!

Prayer changes everything.

  • When we look in the Bible we see God moving, behind God moving we see people praying.


  • Name a prayer that you've prayed that God has answered.
  • What do most your prayers reveal about your heart?
  • Whats not happening because your not praying?

3. How do we pray?

We pray to God! God exists in three persons, what we call the trinity,

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When it comes to your salvation the Father ordained it, the Son purchased it, the Spirit applied it. This is the God that saved you and this is the God you pray to, so when you pray remember to pray to the father through the son and in the spirit.

To the Father

(11:2)The Christians reality is that God is our Father and he has given us the right to become his children!(John 1:12-13) The spirt in us cries Abba father with is translated daddy.(Romans 8:14-15)

What greater gift do we have than for God to be our father and for us to be his children!

Through the Son

The Father gives us the right to pray and the Son gives us the righteousness to pray. Jesus intercedes for us! When God looks at you he doesn’t see your sin, instead he sees his son. This gives us the confidence to go into the throne room boldly because when we go to God in prayer Jesus intercedes on our behalf. 

In the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a game changer when it comes to prayer!

  • He moves us in prayer - that is he gives us the desire to pray
  • He leads us in prayer - he ushers in our prayers into heaven
  • He helps us in prayer - he intercedes for us when we don’t even know how to pray or what to pray for!


  • What would change about your prayer life if you prayed to God as a child prays to a father?
  • What would change about your prayer life if  you knew Jesus was interceding on your behalf?
  • What would change about your prayer life if you were aware of God’s presence in you as you prayed?


Spend some time closing the night out praying together as a family of believers! God says Just ask! James says we have not cause we ask not. Spend some time asking God to move in your life, the life of our church, the city we live, and the world around us.