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                       The Gospel Changes Everything Week 1

                                           Luke 19:1-10   


Theme: When we look in the Bible no one has ever come face to face with Jesus and walked away from Him the same! It is impossible to experience the Gospel and it not change your life completely! The Gospel changes our Hearts and Heart change brings life change! This is a 3-week series looking at how the Gospel truly changes everything!

Major Points:

1.. The Christ (This story teaches us about Jesus)

Jesus was fully present. On his way to the cross but still on mission. It will be His last time entering Jerusalem in human flesh. Within 7 days from now (in scripture) Jesus will be tried - betrayed - beat - bled out - and dead in a grave, and He knew that. But Jesus was still on mission!

A.. Jesus gave the instruction (Way) vs 5

Hurry and come down!

B.. Jesus gave the invitation (Truth) vs 5

I must stay at your house!

Jesus gave the invitation!

C.. Jesus gave the identity  (Life) vs 5 Jesus knew his name!

Jesus knew his name! Called him by name! 

Jesus knows your name! He knows exactly where you are in life!

Zacchaeus = The name means righteous!


Who initiated salvation? Zacchaeus or Jesus?

How does this encounter shape your view of Jesus and how he feels towards messy people?

How does this salvation encounter help bring assurance to your life concerning your own salvation?

2.. The Crowd (This story teaches us about humankind)

A.. They had an Opportunity Missed

Ex: in chapter 18 the RYR asked Jesus “what do I need to do to inherit eternal life?” The RYR walked away sad! He couldn’t leave his lifestyle to follow Jesus!

He missed out on Jesus!

Many people in the crowd (not just the RYR) missed out on what Jesus had to offer them!

The RYR just wanted to be right. He didn't want Jesus!

B.. They had an Ulterior Motive vs 7

Ch19:7 All who saw it began to complain!

They were there for themselves!

C.. They had an ordered Mutiny 23:18-20

They cried out together “crucify him.”


How do we miss opportunities from God every day of our life?

Have you ever come to God with ulterior motives? (Maybe in your prayer life)

What does the crowd teach you about the depravity of sin? What does the cross teach you about God’s love for them?

3.. Zacchaeus (This story teaches us about the fruit of Salvation)

In a spiritual sense, we are all little in stature - Romans 3:23; 3:10; 5:8; 6:23

Zacchaeus obviously heard something about Jesus that was intriguing. In all his riches he had no righteousness. 

A.. A small man became a Big Child. (Proving Jesus’ message in ch 18:17)

Everything Jesus preached came to fruition! Grown men don’t climb trees! Zacchaeus became a child! The Gospel makes us a child of God!

B.. A Rich man became a Righteous man. (Ch 18:24-27) with God all things are possible!

Anyone can be saved, but we have to let go of our idols and turn to Jesus!

Zacchaeus means righteous but he was far from it! But that's what God gives us in Christ! He takes our rebellion and makes us righteous! 

C.. An Empty Man became a Fulfilled man. Vs 9

Zacchaeus went from being a taker to being a giver! This is why we say the Gospel produces Generous people! When we experience the Gospel we become like the Gospel! 


What is one of the biggest changes you see in Zacchaeus’ life after he met Jesus?

What’s one of the biggest changes God has done in your life through the Gospel?

Most recently - What have you been looking to, to bring fulfillment into your life other than Christ?

Closing Prayer:

Pray for life change for everyone in your group! Pray that we would encounter Christ in an all-new way this Easter season!