Connect Group Guide

                            The Real Jesus Week 10

                           John 5:16-47

Important Announcements! 

Student life Scholarships are needed for Connection Students. $500 per student.

Read John 45:16-47

Preferred Questions: 

*These questions are personal. They target the heart and put healthy responsibility on your group to spend time with God and seek the Lord.

Take turns, Go around and have each person answer all 3 questions.

1. How are you doing spiritually? (SPIRITUALLY!!!)

2. What’s one thing that stuck out to you from John 5:16-47 or in the sermon? Why?

3. What’s one thing (sin) you’re struggling with right now that we can pray for you about? 

Question bank (If Needed) Don't use every Point/Question Choose some favorites based on your group Specifically!

This passage shows us that it is possible to have religious activity and yet miss the entire point! Sin in us can take religion and make it about us and our glory. It breeds self-righteousness. The Pharisees read the laws and scriptures that were supposed to reveal their need for saving and point them to a savior and they made it about them earning approval from God based on their works. Instead of noticing their own sin, they were very good at seeing everyone else’s. They read the scriptures to make their heads fat but not to make their hearts right. They sought glory from others instead of the glory of God. They were more worried about a man carrying his mat on the sabbath than they were excited to see Him healed and made well. Jesus was standing right in front of them and they missed it! If we're not careful we too can miss it. Sin can create in all of us Phariseeish tendencies. Do you have any Phariseeish tendencies? Here are a few question to help check our hearts.

- In this passage how did religion cause them to miss the point?

- How have you seen religion in your own life cause you to miss the point?

- What is your goal in reading the scriptures?

- Does the Love of God Characterize your life?

- Are you looking for glory from others more than God?

- Do you believe you have something that you really don’t?