Connect Group Guide

                           The Real Jesus Week 2

                           John 1:19-34


Important Announcements!

Be praying for our missionaries who have been sent back off to training.

Be encouraging your Group in their 21 day fast! Continue to engage in the who's your one 30 day prayer guide. 


Choose a couple of your favorite points and questions to discuss from the following. (Don’t use every question)

Major Points 

1.. The Life John Lived - Who was He? 

one word! Witness!

- He was All about Jesus

- He was a Humble servant

- He Lived on mission

John the Baptist's life demanded an explanation. (in a good way) 


- Are you living so radically for Christ that you are obviously different than those around you? 

- Do any of the three characteristics of John the Baptist Characterize your life?


2.. The Message John Preached

Not only did John the Baptist have a different lifestyle, John the Baptist had a different message!

👇 John the Baptist's message to those around him.

1.. Jesus is the savior

“Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

2.. Turn from sin and turn towards Christ for the forgiveness of sin.

“Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

3.. Jesus brings inward transformation, not just outward modification.

“ I baptize with water, He baptizes with the Spirit.”


- Have you trusted in Christ alone for the forgiveness of your sin?

- What does true repentance look like and what does it look like to grow in it?

- Why is the Holy Spirit necessary for salvation and sanctification?


3.. The Opportunity Before Us

We have the same opportunity today to point people to Jesus by the message we preach and the life we live. Both are important in being a faithful Christian and a humble witness for Jesus in a world that needs Him desperately!


- What in your life is holding you back from pointing people to Jesus?