Connect Group Guide

                           The Real Jesus Week 3

                           John 1:35-51


Important Announcements!


Choose a couple of your favorite points and questions to discuss from the following. 

(Don’t use every point & question)

Major Points 

The Commission of John

Vs 35-37 In these verses, we see John the Baptist pointing his disciples to follow Jesus!

This is what true discipleship looks like. It is meeting people where they are and then using your influence with them to point them to Christ! 

Q - Are you using the influence that you have with others to point them to Jesus?

The Invitation of Christ

Vs 38-39, 43 In these verses we see Jesus asking a question to reveal their heart. “What do you want?” Jesus gets straight to the heart with people. Then Jesus invites them in with the invitation to “Come and see.” This is an invitation all through scripture. Come and see what God has done! From the manger to the empty tomb, God is inviting you in to come and see! 

Q - How is the invitation of Christ different than just saying a prayer?

Q - How might the invitation that Jesus gives be encouraging? How could it be challenging?

Vs 45 The Mission Mindset of Philip

Jesus’ invitation to come and see became the same invitation that Philip gave Nathanael! When God calls us in, God sends us back out! Philip shows us that one of the most effective ways to evangelize is not in front of the masses, but brother to brother, friend to friend. One-on-one evangelism.

Q - Why do you think that Andrew went to Peter first, and why do you think that Philip went to Nathanael first with the good news of Jesus?

Q - What are some reasons you think relational evangelism can be so powerful?

Vs 46-49 A Personal Encounter

“Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Nathanael

Jesus meets Nathanael right in the midst of his doubt!  He sees him, He knows him, and He moves towards him! Nathanael's doubt turns to faith! Nathanael was under the fig tree possibly reading the scriptures. He knew about God but now He had a face-to-face encounter with God! He had a little bit of religion but now He had a true relationship.

It’s one thing to know that honey is sweet and it’s another to taste it on your lips. Likewise, it’s one thing to know about Jesus and it’s another thing to know Him! To have a life-changing encounter with him!

Q - Have you ever had an AH-HA Moment with Christ? A Moment when Christ changed everything about your purpose in life and view of Him?

Vs 50-51 The Ladder to Heaven

It’s very possible that Nathanael was reading about Jacob in the old testament while he was under the fig tree.

In Genesis ch 28:10-12 Jacob had a dream/vision of a stairway to heaven and the angels of God were ascending and descending off of it.

Essentially Jesus reads Nathanael’s mail and says… Nathanael… I AM the Ladder!

Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. You don’t climb your way to heaven by your own works, you inherit salvation by putting faith in the work of Christ in your place!

His Birth, His life, His death, His resurrection! (All in your place)

Q - What’s the difference between works-based salvation (unbiblical/Demonic) and the Gospel? What does it mean that Jesus is the ladder?