Connect Group Guide

                           The Real Jesus Week 37

                           John 21:1-25      

Read John 21:1-25

Preferred Questions: *These questions are personal. They target the heart and put healthy responsibility on your group to spend time with God and seek the Lord. Take turns, Go around, and have each person answer all 3 questions.

1. How are you doing spiritually? (SPIRITUALLY!!!)

2. What’s one thing that stuck out to you from John 21:1-25 or in the sermon? Why?

3. What’s one thing (sin) you’re struggling with right now that we can pray for you about? 

Question bank (If Needed) Don't use every Point/Question Choose some favorites based on your group Specifically! This passage shows us Jesus going back to meet with His disciples and personally reinstating Peter even after Peter denied Him three times.

  • After Peter denied Jesus three times, and after many of the disciples ran away when Jesus was arrested, here we see Jesus show up on the shore the same way he did when he called them three years prior and cooked them fish and restored them (specifically Peter) back to do what He called them to do the first time. What does this teach us about Jesus? How does this passage compel you to love Jesus more?
  • Put yourself in Peter's shoes. How did Jesus coming back for him and restoring him change his life forever? How should Peter's receiving grace, forgiveness, and restoration from Christ change the way he extended those same things to others?
  • When you look up from your denials and shortcomings in your life and you see Jesus standing on the shore ready to fellowship and extend grace to you, how does this change the way you come to him and live for him? It should change everything!
  • What does vs 18 teach us about counting the cost to follow Jesus and how does the prosperity Gospel contradict the words of Christ here in this verse?
  • What spoke to you the most out of Sunday's sermon? (or the passage)