Connect Group Guide

                        The Real Jesus Week 5

                           John 2:13-25

Important Announcements! Heart and Soul starts up Sunday at 11:00

Read John 2:13-25

Preferred Questions: 

*These questions are personal. They target the heart and put healthy responsibility on your group to spend time with God and seek the Lord.

Take turns, Go around and have each person answer all 3 questions.

1. How are you doing spiritually? (SPIRITUALLY!!!)

2. What’s one thing that stuck out to you from John 2:13-25 or in the sermon? Why?

3. What’s one thing (sin) you’re struggling with right now that we can pray for you about? 

Question bank (If Needed) Don't use every Point/Question Choose some favorites based on your group Specifically!

Vs 13-16 Show us the passion of Jesus! (His righteous anger) what does His passion (anger) reveal about his heart? What do these verses reveal about what He loves?

Vs 16 Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!

What’s the difference between “The Father’s house’ and a “Market house?”

Vs 23-25 These verses show us superficial faith! You can be amazed at Jesus and still not have saving faith in Him. How have you seen this play out in the Bible Belt specifically? 

Bonus Questions:

Q- What are some tables that Jesus wants to turn over in your life?

Q- In their day, what was the temple supposed to point them to? And What is today’s temple?