Connect Group Guide



Theme: In Luke 19:1-10 we see Jesus's mission statement! For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. Nothing like encounters with Jesus reveals the heart of God. This Encounter shows us Jesus's heart for lost people and teaches us how a sinner comes to a savior!

Major Points:

1.. The Heart of God

Nothing shows us Gods heart more than Face to Face encounters with Jesus

A.) Jesus loves lost people!

Tax collectors were not considered “good people”. They would collect taxes for the Roman government. Anything over and beyond, they would pocket for themselves. Zacchaeus would have gotten rich off the hard work of other people. Not only was he a tax collector, but he was also a chief tax collector. Zacchaeus was not a very loved person by the people where he lived.

Jesus had a Divine appointment with him! Vs 5 (he loves lost people)

B.) Jesus wanted a relationship with Zacchaeus!

Jesus wasn’t interested in a surface-level conversation with him.

Jesus wasn’t interested in just keeping him out of hell!

Jesus wanted to go into his house! Jesus wanted to invade all spaces!

This is what Jesus is after in our life! There shouldn’t be a disconnect between church on Sundays and our life on Mondays. Jesus wants to be more than our “ticket”, Jesus wants to become our “treasure.”

C.) Jesus had a clear mission

Vs 10 for the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Connection church = we exist to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

We want our hearts to align with God’s heart for lost people.


  • Vs 5 “the spot” When Jesus reached the spot, he called Zacchaeus by name! Do you remember the spot (place) where Jesus clearly called you to come to him? Do you remember coming face to face with Jesus and it changing your life forever?

  • Jesus didn’t just want to be fire insurance for Zacchaeus, he wanted to be treasure! He desires relationships! Be honest, how is your relationship with Jesus going? (Whats your next Step)

  • Jesus came to seek and save the lost! We exist to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ! Compare these mission statements with Matthew 28:18-20. Be honest! Are you living on mission? (What's your next step?)


2. Two Common Hindrances to the Gospel!

A.) Self Righteousness

Luke 18:9-14 (This was the same crowd in Luke 19:1-10)

When you start looking up to yourself, you start looking down on others.

To be self-righteous is to be blind towards your need for saving. When you are physically blind, you’re blind and you know it. When you are spiritually blind, you are blind and don’t realize it! (This is a bad place to be.)

The Gospel teaches that no one is righteous no, not one.

B.) Love of Money

Luke 18:18-30

Why is it hard for the rich to inherit the kingdom?

Because when your rich, you place your security in the physical.

When you are so material focussed and lack nothing physically, it's hard to see your need for saving spiritually. Money can easily become one of the biggest idols in your life because money provides instant gratification and satisfaction, but money is only temporary and won't get you into heaven. Money is a good thing! But when a good thing becomes a God it becomes a bad thing! 

C.) What’s hindering the work of the gospel in your life?


  • How is self-righteousness trying to sneak into your life? In what ways is self-righteousness being revealed in your life right now?

  • What’s hindering the work of the Gospel in your life? Is it the love of money and possessions? Is it self-righteousness? (You think you are a good person?) Is it something else you're dealing with or going through?

  • What is in your life (not in your life) that could be hindering others from experiencing the Gospel?

3. The Evidence of saving Faith

Vs 5—10

A.) Joyful Obedience

He came down and welcomed him gladly! This is how a sinner comes to a savior.

B.) Joyful Repentance

Money had a tight grip on him, but now we see he had a loose grip on money! He was willing to let go of anything and everything because what he found in Jesus was better.

C.) Extravagant Generosity

The gospel produces generous people! We see this play out in the life of Zacchaeus. He went from greedy to generous all because of Jesus.

D.) Joy

Just by reading the text, you can see the joyful life change that Zacchaeus experienced after coming face to face with the Gospel! Only the Gospel can bring this kind of joy and peace to someone's life! The Gospel gave him something that money never did! 


  • Do you see the evidence in your life?
  • Are you growing in repentance?
  • Is your obedience Joyful?
  • Are you extravagantly Generous?
  • Do you have JOY in your life? (God with us = JOY)