How to use this tool:

Making disciples who are making disciples will always be the primary goal of God’s church. If you are reading this, it means you have decided to take a big step in your faith and begin this process of making disciples. Once you’ve identified someone who has a desire to grow deeper in their faith, utilize this tool to help guide you in your discipleship journey. This will include 20 sessions of focused, personal development that will help us develop and equip leaders within our church. These sessions are designed to be conversations about the most essential topics of Christianity. The ultimate goal of this is to help people grow personally and equip them to make disciples. 


When it comes to discipleship, it is important to know that there is no A + B = C to it. Every relationship is different. Discipleship, at its core, is about meeting people exactly where they are and helping them get to where God wants them to be. Meeting people where they are is all about asking good questions and being transparent. Helping people get to where God wants them to be is all about knowing that God desires for all believers to be disciples that make other disciples. Keep this on the forefront of your heart and mind as you use this guide.


Every conversation will not look the same and that is okay. Approach each session prayerfully and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. If He leads in a different direction during a meeting, follow His lead, He is our greatest helper.

Flow of Meeting:

  • Check In - Discipleship is gospel-centered friendship, nothing more, nothing less. The first part of your meeting should be about growing your friendship. What’s going on in their life? What’s God teaching them? How’s their marriage? How’s their kids? How can I pray for you?

  •  412 Reading Plan - After the first meeting, connect them into the 412 reading plan and start reading it together. The greatest thing you can ever teach somebody is how to read their Bible and hear from God. Use this time to focus on that. Create questions to help them if needed.

  • Equip Conversation - Use this time to really dive into the topics listed below.


  • Helpful Questions:

    1. Share your salvation story. 

    2. What is your salvation story? 

    3. How have you gotten to where you are currently in your relationship with God? 

    4. What can I do to help you grow in your relationship with God? 

    5. In your relationship with God, what is your biggest strength? weakness?