Preschool Family Worship


God Sees Me!

  • The focus of this family time is to use five easy steps to teach our children to learn more about who God is and how His character can directly impact their daily lives.
  • Learn the NEED TO KNOW together and say it throughout the week to help your family remember and apply what they have learned.  


"Lord God... (both hands point up)

There is nothing too hard (wave arms back and forth) 

for you (pound fists, on top of each other) 

to do." (pound fists, on top of each other)

Jeremiah 32:17 (make book with hands

  • Practice the memory verse together as a family


Intentionally pick a place and time to gather your family together and use this activity to begin Family Worship Night. 

Animal Freeze Dance! 

HAVE kids move like and/or make the sounds of their favorite animals in Amazonia. 

  • While kids are moving, randomly SAY, "Freeze!" When you say to freeze, kids will not move and stay frozen. 
  • Then SAY, "Bananas!" Kids can start dancing/ moving again. 

If kids have a hard time coming up with an animal, SUGGEST any of the following: boa/ snake, sloth, toucan/ bird, butterfly, caterpillar, lizard, crocodile, frog, monkey, jaguar, etc


  • Sing and have fun while worshiping then pray. Take a moment here to thank God for your family and your time together!! 


Moses and the Israelites (Exodus1-3, 13-14, 16-17:7, 33)


Use these questions and points to have a conversation with your children about the Bible story. 

  • If you know that God sees you, let me hear you squawk like a bird. (The child will make a bird squawking sound. ) God sees you because He loves you so much! 
  • In our Bible story today, did God hide from Moses or see Moses? (God saw Moses) Yes! God was with Moses and saw him. God is with you and sees you, too! 
  • Do birds fly on the ground or in the sky? (In the sky) That's right! Let me see you pretend to fly like birds. (Child will flaps arms like wings.) 

Sometimes God may seem far away, like birds flying high, but He sees you and is watching over you! 


PLAY a version of Simon Says called Monkey Says, having kids take turns being the monkey. Kids can make up their own motions or use some of the following: 

  • Act like a monkey
  • Pretend to canoe
  • Pretend to swim
  • Act like a frog
  • Make a jaguar face

STEP 5. Pray!

  • Dear God, thank you for seeing me and watching over me. I love you! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.