Family Worship

God Makes A Way    

The focus of this family time is to use five easy steps to teach our children about how God rescued his people by making a way through the Red Sea. One day there would be an even greater rescue — Jesus dying on the cross.

Learn the Memory Verse together and say it throughout the week to help your family remember and apply what they have learned.


Announce the verse: Exodus 6:7 God said, ‘I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God.’”

‘God said,  (Point up to the sky)

I will take you as my own people, (two thumbs to point at yourself)  

and I will be your God.’” (Look up with both arms wide and up to the sky)

Exodus 6:7


Play: Tell Me a Story. Everyone can sit around in a circle, at a table, or on living room furniture. 

How to Play: 

  • This game is simple, yet creative. One person will start off with 4 words such as “Once upon a time.” 
  • The next person will add 4 more words like “there was a duck.” 
  • The play continues until the story is complete. 
  • You can choose to add more words or less, depending on the age of children in the group..




  • Sing and have fun while worshiping then pray. Take a moment here to thank God for your family and your time together!! 


God to the Rescue

Read aloud pages 92-99 “God Makes A Way” from The Jesus Storybook Bible or Watch:


Use these questions and points to have a conversation with your children about the Bible story. 

  • Say: “Imagine what it was like to walk across the sea, between two huge walls of water. Who made the wind blow and the sea part so that the people could cross the sea between the walls of water? Correct, God did it. What do you think about a God who can do that? Write your families answers on a piece of paper.

Jesus in the Story

  • Say: “God is all those things we wrote down and so much more. When God’s people saw how God had rescued them, they put their trust in God. But we have said many times that the greatest rescue in the Bible is . . . what? Yes, it is Jesus dying on the cross.” 
  • “Now, when God rescued the people, they trusted God. We too can trust the God who rescues his people. We can trust Jesus, the Great Rescuer.”

STEP 5. Pray!

  • Pray aloud, thanking God for making the sea part so his people could be rescued. Pray that you and the children would trust the God who rescues his people. 
  • Ask your family to think about a time when they find it hard to trust Jesus and to pray that God would help them to trust Jesus, the Great Rescuer