Family Worship

Dreams Come True

The focus of this family time is to use five easy steps to teach your family that Paul prayed for people to share Jesus.


“Set an example in what you say and how you live”

1 Timothy 4:12

Learn the Memory Verse together and say it throughout the week to help your family remember and apply what they have learned.


Jesus is the best example to follow! Every choice Jesus makes is good and right. Every word Jesus says is kind and true. Act like Him so others can copy you! 


1. Pick one person to be “Jesus.” 

2. “Jesus” does an action from the Action List. 

3. Everyone follows the example “Jesus” is setting, and copies the action. 

4. Take turns being “Jesus.” 

5. Make up some of your own actions. 

6. Action List

7. Kneel and pray Hug a friend Clap for God Read your Bible Sing to God Smile

8. Say, “I obey” Dance for God

I like to play with you.



Use these questions and points to have a conversation with your children about the Bible story.



Question Who sent Joseph to Egypt? Joseph’s brothers Action Make a grumpy, mean face like Potiphar’s wife.

Question Who showed Joseph what the dreams meant? God Action Pretend to sleep and have a dream.

Question Who helped Pharaoh? Joseph Action Clap your hands because Joseph helped Pharaoh.

Question Who put Joseph in charge of all the food? Pharaoh Action Pretend to be in charge like Joseph with your hands on your hips.

Question Why did Joseph’s brothers come to see him? To buy food Action Pretend to hand food to all of Joseph’s brothers.


Mission Moment

Johann Sebastian Bach

Can you play a musical instrument? Do you have lessons on the piano or recorder? Perhaps you just like making music for fun.
When Johann Sebastian Bach was growing up in Germany he loved playing music. He played the violin ... and the viola ... and the organ ... and the harpsichord ... and the clavichord (which was like an old-fashioned piano) ... and he was really good at singing! Johann sebastian loved music, but he loved Jesus too. He wanted to use his music to show how much he loved his friend Jesus.

When he grew up, Johann Sebastian's job was to play music and sing in church. He didn't just play and sing, he wrote new music too.

He wrote music to go with the bits of the Bible that were read each Sunday. He wrote new music for old church songs. He wrote special happy music for Easter Sunday and Christmas. He wrote special sad music for Good Friday when Jesus died. He wrote all his music to show people how much his friend Jesus loved them too. Sometimes Johann Sebastian's music didn't have Bible words and wasn't played in church. He still wanted his music to show how much he loved Jesus.

He knew that Jesus helped him write all his beautiful music.
Why not ask Jesus to help you make up a tune to show him how much you love him too?

    STEP 5. Pray!

  • Have children pray for anyone they love