Family Worship

The Big Picnic

The focus of this family time is to use five easy steps to teach your family that nothing is to hard for God…He is bigger than everything! 


“O ... LORD! You made the heavens and earth ... Nothing is too hard for you!” 

Jeremiah 32:17

Learn the Memory Verse together and say it throughout the week to help your family remember and apply what they have learned.


God is bigger and stronger than any problem, and He loves you. Tell God about your problems. Trust God to take care of you when you have a big problem. 

You’ll Need

• A piece of paper • A mailbox (optional)

• Something to write with • A Bible (optional)

• An envelope (optional)


1. Help your kid talk about problems they worry about.

Examples: Alone in the dark, separated from parents, not getting a turn, etc.

2. Ask, “Who’s big and strong and powerful enough to take care of these problems?” and let your kids answer.

3. Say, “Let’s write all of those problems on a letter to God, and pray about them!”

4. Help your kid write “God” on the paper, then write the problems on it.

5. Pray, “God, we trust that you are bigger than our problems. Thank You for taking care of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

6. Optional: Let your kid put the letter in an envelope, write “God” on the outside, and place it in a mailbox or inside of a Bible to “send” it to God.



Use these questions and points to have a conversation with your children about the Bible story.


Question What did Jesus ask His disciples? “Why don’t you feed them?”

Action Rub your tummy like you’re hungry.

Question Did the boy keep his lunch to himself? No

Action Count to five on your fingers for the bread, and count to two for the fish.

Question What did Jesus’ disciples hand out? The bread and fish Jesus broke into pieces

Action Pretend to be Jesus’ disciple and hand the food out to everyone.

Question How much did everyone eat? As much as they wanted

Action Pretend to eat lots and lots of food.

Question Who gathered up the leftover bread and fish? Jesus’ disciples

Action Pretend to put leftover bread and fish in a basket.

Mission Moment

John Bunyan


Have you ever been on a long journey? Where did you go? Was it exciting - or was it a bit boring? John Bunyan wrote a book about a journey. It wasn't about a journey to visit his grandma or go on holiday. His book was about a dangerous and difficult journey to be with Jesus in heaven. It's called "A Pilgrim's Progress". It is one of the most famous books in the world! John knew that being Jesus friend could be difficult and could be dangerous. In those days, in England, you could only tell people about Jesus if you had a special piece of paper. John didn't have a special piece of paper. He told people about Jesus anyway. He was put in prison for years and years and years. During those years and years and years in prison he wrote his famous book - the story of a man called Pilgrim and his journey to be with Jesus in heaven. Pilgrim’s journey is difficult - but he keeps going. Pilgrim's journey is dangerous - but he keeps going. He keeps going until he is safe and sound with his friend Jesus in heaven. Knowing he would be with his friend Jesus in heaven kept John Bunyan going when things were dangerous and difficult - even when he was in prison. John knew Jesus would get him to heaven safe and sound. Do you?

    STEP 5. Pray!

Ask kids what they want to talk to God about, and pray with them.