Sending Pastor

Job Description:

To partner with our current team in order to fulfill Connection Church’s mission of connecting people to a growing relationship with Jesus by leading our sending area. We want every member of our church to live sent: locally, domestically, and internationally.

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  1. Report directly to the Lead Pastor

  2. Commitment to personal spiritual growth and a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Considers this position a ministry.

  4. Models standards and expectations of leaders within Connection Church including:

    1. Regular Worship Attendance

    2. Tithing 10%

    3. Participation in a Connect Group

    4. Member of Connection Church

  5. Must complete a felony statement/background check.

  6. Ability to work in and contribute to an overall staff team.

Job Duties:

  1. Oversee International Missions (40%)

    1. Help cultivate an international sending culture within our church (ex: resources, trainings, etc)

    2. Promote, organize, & lead short term international mission trips

    3. Teach short term mission trip training classes

    4. Raise up & disciple potential missionaries/mission trip leaders

    5. Provide Pastoral Care for current international missionaries

  1. Oversee Local Outreach (40%)

    1. Help cultivate a local sending culture within our church (ex: resources, trainings, etc.)

    2. Intentionally train and equip our people to live sent where they are

    3. Organize & lead church-wide focused local outreaches in unreached areas.

    4. Network with & support local missions organization (ex: Mercy, Forge, etc.)

    5. Provide Pastoral Care for our local missionaries.

    6. Oversee benevolence cases / Direct people towards the appropriate help

  1. Oversee Sunday Setup/Tear Down & Security Teams (10%)

    1. Schedule Volunteers on Planning Center

    2. Organize & Develop Volunteer teams and leaders

    3. Manage each area on Sundays

  1. Preach when assigned by Lead Pastor.

  2. Participate in pastoral care as needed by congregation.

    1. Weddings, Funerals, Baby Dedications, etc.


This is a 40-hour per week position. Situations and circumstances may require more time on occasion.


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